Budug Asu

One of favorite tourist cities in East Java is Malang. Malang not only has play and educational rides like Jatim Park and Hawaii Waterpark, but it also has many soothing natural tourist destinations. More recently, there has been one tourist destination in Malang which becomes a favorite place for tourists to visit namely Budug Asu.

Initially, Budug Asu was only famous among motor crossers or off-roaders. However, people nearby made this place interesting to visit. They make many great spots for tourists to take photos or selfies. There are also some spots to enjoy the beauty of nature as a whole in Budug Asu. The name is Gardu Pandang Kepala Srigala. Besides, this place has also been equipped with food stalls with a relatively cheap price.

Budug Asu still has the same location with Lawang Tea Garden area, Malang. Therefore, the entrance of both Budug Asu and Lawang Tea Garden is one.  The entrance to Lawang Tea Garden is located on the slopes of Mount Arjuno. Visitors must be careful when heading to this area because the terrain is quite difficult. Usually, the tourists bring a vehicle for off-road and bring an experienced tour guide or friend.

From the Lawang Tea Garden entrance to Budug Asu, it is pretty tiring. To get to the destination, tourists must do tracking about 1.5 to 2 hours by car. Tourists do not have to be worried. Because, the road terrain to be passed-by is not so climbing and not too narrow.

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