Sangiang Island 1

Sangiang is a small island in the Strait of Sunda, namely between Java and Sumatra island. Administratively, this island is in the area of Serang regency, Banten. Sangiang island offers many beautiful marine tourism objects. The island with wide around 720 hectares has some beaches with amazing under sea ecosystem. Because of that, no wonder, the island has a nickname  ‘Seven Wonders of Banten’.

If you go to Sangiang island, you can access the trip from Jakarta to Cilegon city. From Cilegon, you can continue to Anyer. The trip takes around 3 hours by car through toll road. Then, the trip is still continued by using crossing boat service to Sangiang island from Manuk beach in Anyer. The trip takes around 1 hour from Manuk beach to go to Sangiang island.

Arriving on this island, you will feel fresh air because Sangiang island is shady and greenish. It also has white sand and clear sea water.

With clean and white sand, you can do various activities at the beach of Sangiang, such as sport water and relaxation. If you are interested in scuba diving, snorkeling, sun bathing, fishing, going around by boat and also see the beauty of coral reefs, you can visit Raden gulf, Legon Waru, and South Sea which is in Sangiang island.

Besides enjoying marine tour, you can also enjoy historical tour on Sangiang island. You can come to area surrounding Indonesian Navy post. Over there, you can witness the remains of heritage of the Second World War, such as canon and defense fortress of Japanese soldiers from allies’ attack. Local people say that in the colonial period, this island was a place to store Indonesian wealth  to be transported by ships to the country of the colonialist.//

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