Pombo Island

Maluku or internationally known with the name Moluccas or Molukken is one province in Indonesia. This province has a nickname as a province of thousand islands because the province has many beautiful small islands with the beautiful under sea scenery. Because of that,  Pombo island becomes a destination worth visiting by tourists. This island presents amazing tourism of under water which has become mini natural reserve.

Pombo island is located between Ambon and  Haruku island. Meanwhile, administratively the whole area of Pombo island belongs to Salahhutu sub-district, Central Maluku regency. The distance is only 5 kilometers from Ambon city, the capital city of Maluku Province.

To go to the island, visitors can use public transportation from Ambon city. It takes around 1 hour to Tulehu seaport which is located at the North of this city. From the seaport to the island, visitors can use a speed boat for 10 minutes by paying around 60,000 until100,000 Rupiah.

Pombo is a beautiful small island. The island is around 2 until 3 hectare wide. The island is surrounded by white sand and trees along the beach. Its sea area is coral island which surrounds a lagoon and a series of big and small rocks. Because of the clear sea water, visitors can see the scenery of its under water.

When the sea water recedes, rock stones hidden on the seabed, will appear on the surface, forming beautiful and rare scenery. Diving is favorite activity on this island. Visitors can witness the rich marine biota, starting from various fish, shell, sea grass, until various unique coral reefs.

Besides exploring the undersea beauty, visitors can also enjoy the land of Pombo island. Visitors can go around the island by walking on foot for 1 hour. Going around the island, visitors will find Maluku endemic animal, namely Pombo bird and various kinds of other birds. Pombo island is a place of Pombo bird.

On this island, there is no lodging facility. If you want to stay, you can stay in Ambon city. If you decide to set a tent on this island, we suggest you to bring your own equipments such as snorkeling and diving equipment, food and beverages and medicines.

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