Biru Cisoka Lake

If you are bored and stressful due to daily routines, for most people, they will be fresh and spirited after taking time off. Recently, a tourism destination has been discussed and its location is not far from Jakarta. The name of the location is Biru Cisoka lake.

Biru Cisoka lake or well-known with the name ‘Biru Cigaru’ lake is natural one. In the past, this lake was excavation of sand from 2006 until 2012. After the activity was stopped, the excavation hole with depth of dozen meters is filled with rain water and then stagnate, so that it becomes a lake. The local people mention the lake with the name ‘Biru Cigaru’. The name is given because the water of the lake has blue color. But, its color is not always blue. It is because the water of the lake has a high acidity level.

the tourism destination, which has been well-known since 2016, has 3 lakes. The first lake has green water color. The second lake has blue water color and the third lake has turquoise water color. Although, the lake has beautiful colors, visitors are prohibited to swim because of high water acidity level. But, you do not have to worry, you can enjoy the beauty of the lake closer. Tourists can rent small boat to go around the lake. To rent the boat, visitors only pay Rp 20,000. At the tourism object complex, there are various facilities such as parking area, spot to take a picture and also gazebo to take a rest. And you are not necessary to bring your own food because there is stall which sells food and beverage.  

Biru Cisoka lake is located at Cigaru hamlet, Cisoka village, Cisoka sub-district, Tangerang regency. To go to the lake, we suggest you to use train from Jakarta to avoid traffic jam. From Jakarta, you use train from Tanah Abang-Maja and stop at Tigaraksa station, Tangerang. From the station, the trip is continued by using public transportation to Adiyasa-Balaraja and stop at Cisoka. At the point, visitors can walk until the gateway of Biru Cisoka lake. From the gateway, the trip is continued by walking around 200 meters. For parking car, visitors must pay Rp10,000 and Rp 2,000 for motorcycle. Meanwhile, visitors who do not drive  their own vehicle are free of charge.

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