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Kampung Pitu or Pitu Village

Gunung Kidul is one of the regencies in Yogyakarta province. The district is rich to natural wonder. The beaches lined up from the east to the west make Gunung Kidul as an attractive marine tourism destination to visit. The regency which is famous for its beaches also keeps the mountain charm. One of them is the Purba Nglanggeran volcanic mountain including in the cluster of Mount Sewu Geopark. One of the most interesting destinations visit to Geopark is Kampung Pitu. Kampung means village and pitu means seven. Interestingly, the village is only inhabited by seven families. Kampung Pitu is the last village that is located under the foot of Ngelanggeran mountain. The location is about 28 kilometers from downtown Yogyakarta. Kampung Pitu can be accessed from Yogya by motorbike or private car, because there is no public transportation to go there. Entering the village, you will feel the beauty and coolness of Pitu's village. Traveling around the village, the entire building is a pyramid-shaped, wooden wall with ground floor. The settlement is not crowded, even the distance is quite far from one house to another. According to the local residents’ believe Kampung Pitu can only be occupied by seven heads of family. If more than seven, people believe there will something happen, like disease, and quarrel. Therefore, every family member usually will come down from Kampung Pitu to another Nglanggeran village, or wander to the City. Conversely, if the number of family head reduced, then the descendants will fulfill the number into seven family heads. Only selected families can live in the area, those who are strong mentally and emotionally. Currently Kampung Pitu only contained 9 houses, 7 heads of families, with 25 people. in addition to present the uniqueness of community life, Kampung Pitu has also a stunning natural landscape. In this village, you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset. You also can visit Puncak Watu Wayang or Mount Wayang. The location is very close to Kampung Pitu. You have just to walk for only 10 minutes from the village. Arriving there, you will be fascinated by an extraordinary natural beauty. In addition to Mount Wayang, there is also Puncak Watu Bantal. The beauty of the natural landscape is not inferior to the peak of Watu Wayang. If you can see Mount Merapi from Mount Wayang, you can see Embung or Lake Nglanggeran  from Watu Bantal area. Those who want to stay overnight, you do not have to worry, because you can stay at resident houses or camping in the village.

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