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Raden Ajeng Kartini is one of Indonesian National heroes.  She was born in Jepara on 21 April 1879. In history of Indonesian struggle, RA Kartini Kartini was a pioneer in the area of women's rights for Indonesians.

To know more about the heritage of RA Kartini, we’ll invite you to  visit RA Kartini museum in  Jepara.  RA Kartin museum is located at Jalan Alun-Alun No.1 Panggang village, Jepara sub-district,  Jepara regency, Central Java. RA Kartini museum was built on  30 March 1975. The museum received donation from the president of Indonesia at that time, Soeharto.  RA Kartini museum was inaugurated on 21 April 1977 in coinciding with 100th anniversary of RA Kartini. 

RA Kartini museum was built on 5 thousand two hundred and ten meter of land. It consists of some buildings. In addition to displaying the legacy of RA Kartini and his brother RMP Sosrokartono, the museum also displays ancient objects of historical and cultural heritage found in Jepara.

Entering into this museum, you will see rooms which are divided into four. The first room contains RA Kartini‘ collections among others table, chairs and Kartini’s photographs when she married to Rembang regent, Raden Mas Adipati Djoyodiningrat, a photograph of her letter in Dutch language sent to her close friend in the Netherlands, radio, collections of Kartini’s plates, Kartini‘ cart, even her student’s sewing machine which is still working until now and many others.  The second room contains the properties of Kartini’s brother, Drs. R.M. Panji Sosrokartono. The third room is for objects which have historical value, for example giant fish. Meanwhile, at the fourth room, you can see Jepara’s handicarfts, ceramic, bamboo and plaited rattan, works of carving competition, as well as means of transportation in the past.

RA Kartini museum opens everyday including holiday starting from 8 a.m until 5 p.m. The entrance ticket is relatively cheap, Rp.1,000 for adult and Rp. 600 for children. And for Saturday, Sunday and national holiday is Rp. 1500 for adult and Rp. 750 for children. 

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