Bali is popular with its beautiful beaches. Today, we will invite you to visit Prasi village in Karangasem regency, East Bali. At this village, there is a beautiful beach. But not many tourists know about this beach. Many people call this beach with Pantai pasir Putih or WhiteSandBeach or VirginBeach, because the beach is still untouched or is still virgin.

The sea panorama at Prasi or VirginBeach is so beuatiful. The beach is located between two clays, so it is quite hidden. The beach is calm, its wave is  also calm, its water is clear and cool in the mornng. Its wave attracts tourist to swim or snorkeling. At Prasi beach, you can sunbathe while seeing coconut trees at the beach.   

To go to the beautiful Prasi beach, from Denpasar, you can use public transportation, then go down at Prasi village. You can continue your trip by using rented motorcycle or ojek.  If you drive a private car, after arriving at Prasi village, you have to turn right when you find a direction to Pantai Pasir Putih or White Sand Beach.  Of course to enter Prasi beach, you will find difficult field. Therefore, if you drive your own car, you should go there with local people. It takes around 2 hours to go to the beach.

At Prasi beach, the hotel does not destroy the peace situation. At the southern of the beach, there are Balinese traditional fisherman boats or jukung which refer that this beach is not only for tourism, but also for fishermen to work. Although there are many fishermen who are working, tourists still can enjoy the beauty of the beach. Some stalls with roof which is made from coconut leaves offer soft drink. At those stalls, you can eat fish or shrimp which have just been caught by the fishermen. Roasted fish or shrimp can be eaten with rice and vegetable or salad. Besides that, there are simple dishes such as fried rice, cap-cay etc. 

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