Indonesian Wonder 31.05.2013

When the sun began to sting, it is most suitable to enjoy something cold, like ice cream. This beverage is quite popular in the world. In general, there are two kinds of ice cream; one with a container and the other one with sticks. In Indonesia, there is a traditional stick ice cream that used to be very popular. It is Es Goyang. Although it is not as popular as the modern ice cream, this traditional ice cream still sought by many people, including tourists who are interested in its uniqueness.
The ice cream name is very unique, it is Es Goyang. It is named so, because the ice is made by shaking the ice in an ice cart. Es Goyang is made from coconut milk, sugar, flavor and aroma of natural ingredients such as fresh fruit. it is not difficult to make it. All material is put together, thoroughly mixed and cooked until boiling. When finished, put the dough into a rectangular mold. Then the mold is inserted into the boxes containing ice. As its name, this ice cream should be shaken for about 5 minutes, in order to freeze it faster. When it is enjoyed, the stick is driven into the mold ice.
Es Goyang has various flavors. You can select the flavors to your taste. There are strawberries, avocado, durian, jackfruit, black rice, coconut kopyor until green beans. Es Goyang will be more delicious when it is given extra chocolate with a sprinkle of peanuts. You can ask the extra topping from the seller. They would dip the ice into liquid chocolate. An then, the chocolate will be frozen. Obviously, the price of es goyang with extra chocolate, sprinkled with roasted peanuts is more expensive than regular es Goyang.
Today it is not easy to find this traditional stick ice. However, there are several places in Jakarta where you can meet es goyang sellers, like in Jakarta old town and Pasar Baru. There, they peddle es Goyang around with a cart. The price is relatively cheap. Es Goyang sells for Rp 3000. But if you ask for extra chocolate with sprinkling of peanuts, the price is Rp 5000.

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