Bukit Tinggi in  West Sumatra, is known for its Jam Gadang or big clock and  Ateh Market as the center of fine embroidery. It is also one of Indonesian favorit tourist destinations due to the panoramic views of  canyon or  Ngarai Sianok. But there is yet another attraction in Bukit Tinggi which was inaugurated by Minister of Communication and Informatics  Tifatul Sembiring on January 27, 2013, namely Janjang Koto Tower or often dubbed as Indonesia’s Great Wallnya Indonesia. Although relatively still new, the tourist object has  already been visited by many tourists at home and abroad.
The location Great wall of Koto Gadang, as the name suggests, is in the area of Koto Gadang. It is also called Janjang  Saribu. The wall, or to be precise, connects  Agam regency and  Bukit Tinggi city. It is said there was once a stairway made of stone  that stretched  from Sianok canyon to the tip of Kotogadang area.
Some people  say that the number of stairs in the Great wall of Kotogadang is  1000. It takes  about 30 minutes to complete the route from the starting point up to the top stair. It would be a great  exercise to get to the top.
The first path is down way. Then after a distance of a few meters, there is a suspension bridge that can only be traversed by a maximum of 10 people. This trip is pretty disturbing, because the bridge sways. After crossing the bridge , the long jonjong or stairs began to come into sight. The shape is deliberately similar to the Great Wall in China. If you are tired,  you can stop occasionally and  take pictures in places with interesting spots.  However, once you get  to the top, all the tiredness will pay off, because of the green and beautiful  scenery before you. Here, you can relax and unwind while looking at the beauty of the Sianok canyon and toward Bukit Tinggi from a rest house,  built in  typical Minang traditional house with distinctive Bagonjong roof. To get to the location of the Great Wall of Koto Gadang, you can simply take your  vehicle to Sianok canyon, then when you get to  an  intersection on  Panorama street, turn to the left. The road is quite narrow, and winding down. Therefore riders or drivers should always be careful. You should pay attention to the road, as the entrance to Janjang Koto Gadang is located on the left. For parking vehicles, it is relatively a fair distance. But here there is no need to buy a ticket, because  this staircase tour  is  free.


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