Since  early 20th century, people in Sawahlunto  have apparently been familiar with technological advancements which relatively was still unknown in many parts of   Indonesia, namely cooking using steam technology. It can be seen from many parts of the building and the equipment used in that period. And all the relics can be seen in the RationsWarehouseMuseum located in Sawahlunto.

Sawahlunto used to be  the largest coal producer in the archipelago. It was from  the city that  the Dutch Government  reaped huge profits from the coal mining businessl. The RationsWarehouseMuseum is a museum located on  Abdul Rahman Hakim street, Air Dingin village, lembah Segar  District, Sawahlunto, West Sumatra. The museum is located approximately 94 Kilometers or 2 hours by car from the city of Padang, capital of the province. The Building actually was once   a common kitchen  for the miners and  workers in the area. It  was built in 1918 during the  Dutch colonial time.

This place has two large warehouses and furnaces (steam generator). The fuel used for cooking then was derived from  steam system. Below there is a  cooking space with a basement with  pipes bringing hot steam for 20 furnaces. The hot steam from  boiling water in a boiler on the hill then distributed  steam into the kitchen. By employing approximately 100 employees, this place cooked  more than 65 measures of rice equal to 3900 kg of rice for coal miners, miners families and hospital patients. The food menu served then was rice, meat, anchovies, eggs, cabbage and green vegetables. The food was given in the afternoon  and evening. For breakfast they were served with  food called lapek lapek. That is,  red sticky rice sprinkled with gritted  coconut and brown sugar and wrapped in banana leaves and some tea. Replicas  of the foods can be  seen  in the Museum today.

In this museum, you will not only see the kitchen, but there are also some buildings that have different functions.  Yet, it is a unified whole that mutually support each other, such as soup kitchens, large warehouse inventory of raw materials and rice, two burning stoves made in Germany in 1894, tower chimneys, and many other relics from the past making it  different from other museums in Indonesia. 

The Rations Warehouse Museum R in Sawahlunto city, West Sumatra was inaugurated on December 17, 2005. With an area of 2300 m2 it  is well laid out and maintained. Ticket price  for adults is only Rp. 1000 and for  children around Rp. 500. The museum is open every day from Monday to Jumpat starting at 9:00 a.m. to 16:00.
Not far from the Museum there are  a RailroadMuseum, open pit mines and the location of  OmbilinMinesTrainingCollege.

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