Solo which is located in Central Java is known as one of the cities in the country with delicious culinary. A variety of typical food, beverages and snacks can easily be found in Solo. At every corner in this city, you will be spoiled by culinary diversity which presents unique and exotic taste that may not be found in other places, one of which is Cabuk Rambak.

Cabuk Rambak is a typical culinary of Solo or Surakarta which usually sold around the village in the morning until noon. It consists of ketupat or rice cake wrapped in coconut leaves, thinly sliced, then poured with sesame sauce and added with a some crackers called karak. This food is not served on a regular plate, but on a container made of banana leaves, folded in a unique way called pincuk.  Other uniqueness is it is eaten not with a spoon or a fork, but a stick like a long tooth pick made of coconut leave’s bone.  

So what is rambak? Rambak actually is known not only in Solo but also in several cities in Central Java. Rambak actually is crackers made of dried cowhide. Originally Cabuk Rambak should be served with crackers or this dried cowhide which i8s fried and becomes crackers. However, because of the price of rambak has become more expensive, hardly affordable for villagers. So it was then replaced with rice crackers which in Solo known as crackers karak. While the word Cabuk refers to the sesame sauce the main ingredient of which are sesame and grated coconut? These two are cooked with added spice mashed, consisting of lime leaves, garlic, nutmeg, kencur, pepper powder and sugar and salt, add with some  water and stir until thickens.

Lately Cabuk rambak has become somewhat difficult to find in Solo. Only in certain places such as Pasar Gede which is the largest traditional market in Solo, we can see this typical Solo culinary. But on Sundays from morning until late afternoon, we could find it in the Sunday Market in Manahan, precisely at Manahan Stadium complex from 06.00 am to approximately 13:00 noon. But if you want to enjoy Cabuk Rambak at night, you can go to the Night Market which is held on Saturdays and Sunday’s t at Market Windujenar or Ngarsopuro Markets. To enjoy Rambak Cabuk you don’t have to spend a lot of money. In fact, it is ridiculously cheap, just   Rp.2500 to Rp.3000 for a pincuk of Cabuk Rambak. Although one pincuk or serving of Cabuk rambak contains some carbohydrates, but because the presentation is not so much then it is considered as a snack, because the portion is guaranteed will not make you satisfied.

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