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An Interview with Mauno Ritola, Winner of Wonderful Indonesia Quiz

An interview with Mr. Mauno Ritola, one of the winners of the Wonderful Indonesia Quiz Organized by RRI World Service and Indonesia Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, by Daulat Pane

P : Well listeners, here today in our studio we invite Mr. Mauno Ritola from Finland one of the winner of the wonderful Indonesia quiz organized by RRI World Service and the Indonesian Tourism and Creative Economic Ministry. Hello Mr. Ritola.

M : Hello.

P : How are you?

M : Fine, thank you.

P : You are one of the winners of the Wonderful Indonesia quiz organized by the RRI World Service in cooperation with the Indonesian Tourism and Creative Economic Ministry. So, how do you feel as one of the winner of this quiz?

M : I am really lucky to one of this trip and it would be... We have been only one day at here, but it will very nice trip present. I think it would be fantastic.

P : Okay, so when did you get the information that you are one of the winners of the quiz?

M : It was just a week ago or one of the half week ago because there was some winners from France and China who couldn't come. So, I am a kind of substitute in this case.

P : Okay, so how's the flight from Finland?

M : Oh, it was long but it was quite okay. 15 and a half from Germany together it was about almost 20 hours.

P : Okay, yes Mr. Mauno as you know that this quiz is organized based on the celebration of Indonesian Radio Republic Indonesia 67th anniversary. So, talking about radio, so what do you think or how do you evaluate the existence of radio at this time admit the growing the fast growing of other kind of media like social media, televisions, and internet media at present?

M : Well, radio is important. It is a bit less than in earlier time especially among young people but all the people still listen to radio a lot time also young people listen to musical program and so on, and adult also use podcast to listen to radio program . Of course radio program are listened via internet a lot these days. But, I think, radio will survive anyways. That's all always been said when TV came they said there will be known ready about radio will survive, I think.

P : And as you know that our broadcast RRI Voice of Indonesia is broadcast to short wave and also internet and when you were joining the quiz, where did you get the information from the short wave or the internet ones?

M : Internet. I heard about it in the internet.

P : And do you still have a short wave radio at home?

M : Yes, I am still a short wave listener. It has been my hobby and I also do short wave listening as a part time work in monitoring radio stations and I still listen quite a bit to short wave station not so much for programs but I still like to find new station left.

P : Are there still many people in Finland who are listening to do south wave or program short wave broadcast?

M : Not very many. It has lost popularity quite a bit. I think they are mostly older people lower 50 who listen to the short wave.

P : And some people say that if you want to get the faster information so tuned on your radio. So what do you think about this?

M : I still believe in, at least in our country our national radio is faster in bringing news than newspaper for example. Many people most people listen to radio to catch the latest news of course the media who that transmits or give the program. It maybe also in internet but still household in Finland they have radios.

P : And they are listening to an FM radio?

M : Mostly FM, yes.

P : Mostly FM radio. Now and some people also said that short wave radio will fade away in the next future and then they said that ok. It is better now you have an FM radio but in fact you are still one of

M : Yes, I am like example of short wave listener.

P : Ok. So, what makes you interested to be one of the short wave listeners?

M : There are still radios station that done have their program in the internet or the internet connector this advance reliable and so on. And so many stations can still be found controlled by them not only at all in the internet. There are many rural areas since then. There are short wave stations in Brazil for example. There are quite a bit of short stations.

P : And how long have you been a listener to the Voice of Indonesia the RRI World Service?

M : I think I heard the Voice of Indonesia the first time in 1973, I think.

P : 1973?

M : Yes, I started short wave listening when I was ten years old.

P : So, talking about our program I mean the RRI World Service, Voice of Indonesia programs. Do you have say just kind of suggestions to our program that we need to make improved on this segment or the other one segment?

M : I like the format these days. There are quite bit music and I am interested in news and current affairs. I am not sure to improve them but of course contact to the listeners and listeners' letters they are nice too.

P : What about our segment in culture?

M : I like that those too. Yes, they are nice too. I especially listen to news because I am interested in news. I did my thesis in University about the association of South East station nations. So, I specialized studied in this area, this area economic and so on. So, I am interested. I also in Europe we have this economic integration. So, it was good to learn about your areas economic first.

P : Okay, thank you Mr. Mauno Ritola to be our source person in this interview and once again I would like to congratulate you to be one of the winner of this quiz.

M : Thank you very much.

P : Have a nice visit and have a nice day, here in Jakarta, Indonesia.

M : Thank you.


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