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An Interview with Tarek Zeidan, Winner of Wonderful Indonesia Quiz

An interview with Tarek Zeidan One of the Winners of Wonderful Indonesia Quiz Organized by RRI World Service and Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, by Daulat Pane

P : Well listeners, here now in our studio we have invited Mr. Tarek Zeidan from Egypt one of the winner of the wonderful Indonesia quiz organized by RRI World Service Voice of Indonesia in cooperation with Tourism and Creative Economic Ministry. Hello Mr. Tarek Zeidan. How are you?

T : I am fine, thank you. Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

P : Waalaikumsalam, and Mr. Tarek as one of the winners of this quiz. How do you feel?

T : Actually I am thrilled sort of speak because I never thought that I would win because you know that stuffy don't expect something and then it happen, but I was really thrilled when I saw that my name is among the winners because actually the first five winners my name was not included but one of the winners apologized so I replace him so I am the lucky loser, you may say.

P : Okay, when did you get the information that you are the winner?

T : A week from today.

P : So, you are here in Indonesia, in Jakarta and attend the celebration of the 67th anniversary of the radio Republic of Indonesia. Now, talking about radio Mr. Tarekh, how did you participate in this quiz? I mean through our short wave program or to internet?

T : Yes, meanly I am short wave listener since 1984. I have been begging up different radio station. I have been move trying a lot of radio station since then. Radio Indonesia is the first time I have picked up the Voice of Indonesia. It was about 1992 the English section and then later on now with the internet it helped me to you know get a little bit more info about Voice Of Indonesia the languages that you transmit with and I don't know that you have an Arabci section but now I am little bit listen to Arabic section every day from 6 to 7 my local time in Cairo and the English section but now there are some difficulties of litsening to the English section. Actually because a lot of interference from another radio station on the same frequency of 9526. So, how you know this one and I knew about the quiz through some of my friends that we have sort of a club on the Facebook that we exchange the latest changes about different radio station. I picked up the Voice Of Indonesia in that frequency for instance in Idul Fitri. Voice of Indonesia was not transmitting, so, after Idul Fitri I picked it up and I made a note to my friends worldwide Voice Of Indonesia is now back on 9526 so we can listen to their programs and they were very happy actually because we are a little bit worried about the short wave, you know a lot of stations are now moved to the internet and so on, but I just wanna let you know that there is a lot of people are still interested in listening to you guys on the short wave band, so please keep that on mind.

P : Okay, good. Thank you.

T : Thank you.

P : Okay, Mr. Tarek Zeidan before that we are talking about radio. So what's role do you think the radio play as the public service today? I mean the existence of other electronic media like a social media, internet media. Do you think that the short wave radio will be still there in the future?

T : From my point of view. I think the short wave will remain. I know that a lot of people now are relying on the internet or satellite or all these. But I was talking to one of the winners of the quiz and he lives in Europe and he said when we get let's say an electricity outage, everything dies but the short wave because short wave is gift from God to everybody can use it and it's there I mean even in Egypt, I have radio with me with the batteries. I don't have to use the electricity or I think and I begging up to the different stations and the furthermore I know that when all the facilities die like the internet, satellite and everything, short wave is there unequal remain there are. So, this is very important a lot of listeners are still listening to short wave band and they will keep on listening to short wave band even some of my friends are living particular close to Indonesia, like Srilanka, or India. They are really made about begging up to local radio stations from Indonesia. Though they do not understand Bahasa Indonesia, but they enjoy listening to the music. You know even there is  news in English about some local activities taking place in this island or something. It helps to gain information, how would I get information about Indonesia if I am not listening to radio Indonesia for instance. I mean it is a main source of information for us worldwide to know more about the culture, to know more about the people, to know more about Indonesia.

P : Okay, talking about radio Republic Indonesia RRI World Service Voice of Indonesia and we have some segments like information, entertainment, culture, education. So which segments do you?

T : Actually I prefer the musical section especially the traditional Indonesian music. It gives you like you know sort of that feeling that you are sort of listening to some conceptions all some music as well because I am an old guy. So, I enjoy listening to traditional music more than the new trend music. I know that you play a lot of sort of hip hop Indonesian music as well. It is okay but I prefer listening to the traditional Indonesian music. It makes me you have the nostalgia of the good old days as I said.

P : Okay, so do you have any suggestions for our program?

T : Well, if I may suggest anything, I would say about the program about DX or short wave would be great. I mean a lot of listeners now  would love to participate on that on positive they also are listening to me right now would be more than happy to participate in editing such program.

P : Okay, Mr. Tarek Zeidan, thank you very much be here in our studio for the interview.

T : Thank you very much. The bless all mind and happy 67th anniversary for Voice of Indonesia.

P : Have a nice day here, have a nice visit in Jakarta, Indonesia.

T : Thank you very much.

P : Well, listeners, that was our interview with Mr. Tarekh Zeidan one of the winner of the quiz, Wonderful Indonesia and thank you. See you. Bye bye.


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