At the bus terminal


Hello listener wherever you are, welcome back to Let’s Speak Bahasa Indonesia, a segment which invites you to learn Bahasa Indonesia. Today, we feature a topic entitled “Di Terminal Bis“ which in English means “At the Bus Terminal”.

As usual, I will introduce you to the vocabulary and expressions that relate to today’s topic of conversation. I’ll say the sentence twice
slowly and you can repeat after me.

Terminal Bis    In English      Bus terminal
Bis     In English      Bus
Berangkat       In English      To go or to leave
Jam berapa      In English      What time
Jam lima        In English      Five o’clock
Terlambat       In English      Be late
Tetapi  In English      But
Bisa    In English      Can
Naik    In English      To get on

Now, we give you an example of conversation entitled “Di Terminal Bis” or in English means “At the Bus Terminal”. The conversation is between A. DANU and B. IMAM .

A :     Permisi, Pak!   In English      Excuse me, sir!

B :     Ya, ada yang bisa saya bantu?           In English      Yes, can I help you ?

A :     Bis ke Bandung berangkat  jam berapa?           In English      What time will the Bus to Bandung leave ?

B :     Ke Bandung? Sudah berangkat jam 5 pagi tadi.    In English      To Bandung?  The bus has already left at 5 a.m.

A :     Wah, saya terlambat.    In English      Oh, I am late.

B :     Ya, tetapi, anda bisa naik  bis yang lain.      In English      But, you can go to Bandung by another bus.

A :     Baiklah, saya akan naik kereta lain saja.       In English      Alright, I will go by another bus.

Terima kasih, pak!      In English      Thank  you,  sir!

That was today’s Let's Speak Bahasa Indonesia. Hopefully, it can be useful for those who want to know more about Bahasa Indonesia. We'll see you again next week with a different topic .Thanks for your attention . See you and Sampai Jumpa .


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