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Membeli Lemari Es or Buying Refrigerator


As usual I will introduce you to vocabulary and expression that related to today’s topic of conversation . I’ll say the sentence twice slowly and you can repeat after me  .

Lemari es                  (2X) Which means ..          refrigerator

Rusak                         (2X) Which means ..          damage

Membeli                   (2X) Which means ..          to buy

Baru                           (2X) Which means ..          new

Satu pintu                 (2X) Which means ..          one door

Dua pintu                 (2X) Which means ..          two door

Yang mana?             (2X) Which means ..          which one

Merek                        (2X) Which means ..          brand

Bagus                         (2X) Which means ..          good

Harga                         (2X) Which means ..          price

Mahal                        (2X) Which means ..          expensive

Murah                       (2X) Which means ..          cheap

Sedikit                       (2X) Which means ..          slightly

Hari ini                       (2X) Which means ..          today

Diskon                       (2X) Which means ..          discount

25% (duapuluh lima persen)   (2X) Which means .. twenty five percent

Membayar               (2X) Which means ..          to pay

Tunai                          (2X) Which means ..          cash

Kartu Kredit             (2X) Which means ..          credit card

Menggunakan         (2X) Which means ..          to use

Menggesek              (2X) Which means ..          to scrub

Di kasir                      (2X) Which means ..          at cashier

Now we give you an example of conversation entitled “Membeli Lemari Eas” or in English means “To buy Refrigerator” . The conversation is between A. Nita and B. Ika at the electronic store .

A : Lemari es saya rusak    (2X) Which means .. My refrigerator is out of use

Saya mau membeli yang Baru    (2X) Which means  .. I want to but a new one

B : Ya…lebih baik membeli yang baru (2X) Which means .. Yes , it is better to buy the new one  . Anda mau yang satu pintu atau dua pintu ? (2X) Which means .. which would you want to buy, the one door or two door ?

A :  Yang dua pintu (2X) Which means .. the two-door one

Yang mana yang bagus?  (2X) Which means .. which one is good

B :  Merek ini bagus   (2X) Which means  .. This brand is good

A : Ya merek ini bagus, tetapi harganya mahal  (2X) Which means ..  Yes, this brand is good, but expensive . Apakah bisa murah sedikit? (2X) Which means .. is it no discount ?

B  : Hari ini sedang diskon 25%. (2X) Which means ..  today  it is discount of 25 percent

A  :  Baiklah . kalau begitu saya ambil ini (2X)  which means .. Alright, I will take it

Di mana membayarnya?   (2X) Which means .. Where is the cashier?

B  :  Maaf, anda membayar tunai atau dengan menggunakan kartu kredit?

(2X) Which means … sorry, you will pay in cash or by using credit card ?

A  : Saya menggunakan kartu kredit  (2X) Which means  .. I use a credit card .

B  :  Mari ikut saya ke kasir (2X) Which means .. come with me to the cashier

A  : Terima kasih.  (2X) Which means … Thank you


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