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DI MANA BANK INDONESIA? or Where is Bank Indonesia?


First, I’ll introduce some Indonesian vocabulary and idioms related to the topic today. I’ll say each word slowly, twice. You can follow after me.

Maaf      (2X) In English:  Excuse me.

Mengganggu sebentar      (2X) In English: Sorry to disturb you.

Bank Indonesia     (2X) Which means : Bank Indonesia (the Central Bank)

Di mana?   (2X) In English:  Where?

Bagaimana?   (2X) In English: ow?

Jalan ke sana (2X) In English: The way there

Ikuti       (2X) Which means : Follow

Jalan ini   (2X) Which means :This road

Kemudian   (2X) In English: Then

Persimpangan jalan (2X) In English: Inter section

Lampu lalu lintas (2X) In English: Traffic light

Pertama  (2X) In English: First

Kedua     (2X) In English: Second

Belok kanan    (2X) In English: Turn right

Dari sini (2X) In English: From here

Jauh    (2X) In English: Far

Tidak terlalu jauh   (2X) In English: Not too far

Jalan kaki   (2X) In English: On foot, walking

15 (limabelas) menit (2X) In English: fifteen minutes

Sampai (2X) In English: Arrive                             

Next is a conversation on ““DIMANA BANK INDONESIA?” or in English, Where is the location of  Bank Indonesia?

 As usual I’ll say every sentence  slowly, twice, and you can follow after me.  The conversation is between  KEVIN  (A)  and a hotel employee (B).

A: Maaf mengganggu sebentar.  2X) In English: Excuse me.

Bank Indonesia di mana?   2X) In English: Where is the location of  Bank Indonesia?

B: Oh di jalan Thamrin.  (2X) In English: Oh, at Thamrin road

A:Boleh saya tahu jalan ke sana?  (2X) In English: Can you tell me the way there?

B: Ikuti saja jalan di depan hotel. (2X) In English: Just follow the way in front of t he Hotel.  

A: Kemudian? (2X) In English: And then?

B:Nanti anda bertemu dengan persimpangan pertama yang ada lampu lintasnya. (2X) In English: You’ll find an intersection  with  a traffic light.

Jalan terus sampai persimpangan jalan ke dua , kemudian belok kanan.(2X) In English: Go straight until you arrive at the second intersection, then turn  right.

A: Apakah jauh dari sini? (2X) In English:Is it far from here?

B: Tidak terlalu jauh.  (2X) In English: Not too far.

Kira-kira 15 (limabelas) menit sudah sampai dengan berjalan kaki. (2X) In English:  It takes around fifteen minutes walking.

A:  Baiklah, terima kasih.  (2X) In English: Okay, thanks.


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