Welcome back to Let’s Speak Bahasa Indonesia, a segment which invites you to learn Bahasa Indonesia. Today we feature a topic entitled Hobby or in English means Hobby.

As usual, here are vocabulary and expressions that relate to the topic.

Hobi                                             in English Hobby

Akhir pekan                                 in English Weekend

Suka                                            in English like

Olahraga                                     in English sports

Nonton TV                                  in English Watching TV

Memancing ikan                         in English Going Fishing

Menyanyi                                    in English Singing

Menari                                         in English Dancing

Mendengarkan musik klasik     in English Listening to Classical music

Nonton film                              in English Watching Film

Nanti malam                            in English tonight

Nonton sama-sama                 in English Watching together

Jam berapa?                              in English What time?

Jam 7 (tujuh) malam                  in English At 7 p.m.

Below is an example of conversation between Danu (A) and Lina (B). 

A : Apa yang suka kamu lakukan di saat akhir pekan?

       in English What do you like to do on the weekend?

B  : Aku suka berolahraga, menonton TV dan memancing ikan.    in English  I like doing sports, watching TV and going fishing.

       Kalau kamu?         in English And you? 

A  : Aku suka menyanyi, menari dan mendengarkan musik Klasik.        in English I like singing, dancing and listening to classical music.

B  : Apakah kamu suka menonton Film?              in English Do you like watching films?

A  : Suka.        in English Yes, I do.

B  : Kalau begitu bagaimana kalau nanti malam kita nonton sama-sama?                in English How about watching films together tonight?

A  : Baik, jam berapa?                in English OK. What time?

B  : Jam 7 (tujuh) malam.           in English Seven o’clock.

A  : Baik, aku tunggu kamu di rumah.          in English  OK. I’ll wait for you at my house.


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