Home News Member Countries of the World Zakat Forum Conference 2017 is Increasing

Member Countries of the World Zakat Forum Conference 2017 is Increasing

Member Countries of the World Zakat Forum Conference 2017 is Increasing

Indonesia is again the host of the World Zakat Forum being held from march 14  to 16, 2017 . Secretary General of the World Zakat Forum, Ahmad Juwaini during the press conference in Jakarta on Wednesday said since he serves as Secretary General of the World Zakat Forum many concrete actions have been conducted such as persuasive approach for other country to be a new member of the Forum .    

"What we have done for the past three years,  we are trying to ask countries to involve in the world zakat forum .during the 3 years period our members get increase from African countries . Actually during the first period of Ustad Didin Hafidudin the effort has been released for middle east and we have visited some Middle East countries . And in my period there are many participants from African countries . At least there are 4 until 5 new countries involved in world zakat forum from Africa," he said.

Ahmad Juwaini futher said that during his leasdership as the secretary general, the World Zakat Forum has held several conferences beginning in New York in 2014, in Banda Aceh, Indonesia 2015, and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2016.  The conference was supposed to be held in India in 2016, but for security reason, the Forum was canceled  and finally the Forum is held again in Jakarta this year . Ahmad Juwainialso said the World Zakat Forum will choose its secretary general for 2017 to 2020 period . Ahmad Juwaini hoped the number of the World Zakat Forum members will increase so as able to focus on handling the world poverty issues // Faisal;Trans:NK  


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