Home News Indonesian government forms team to handle MV Caledonia Sky

Indonesian government forms team to handle MV Caledonia Sky

Indonesian government forms team to handle MV Caledonia Sky 

The government of Indonesia has formed a joint team consisting of related institutes and ministries to deal with the destruction of coral reefs in Raja Ampat, Papua by the cruise ship MV CALEDONIA SKY.  The Indonesian government represented by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, and the police will file a civil and criminal lawsuit with suspicion of committing environmental destruction in Raja Ampat area. It was announced by Director General of Marine Management, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Bramantyah Satyamurti Purwadi in Jakarta on Wednesday.

"…According to Law Number 32/2009 on the protection and management of the environment, Law number 31 of 2004 and Law Number 45 of 2009 on the fisheries, every person doing business or fishery management activity shall comply with the provisions referred to paragraph 1, especially in point K which mentions marine protected areas, to ensure that legal measures we will take. Environment investigators through the director general of environmental investigators are ready. They can also be accompanied by police,” he said.

Bramantyah Satyamurti Purwadi explained that the damage inflicted by MV CALEDONIA cruise ship is approximately 1.600 square meters wide with a variety of coral reef degradation, habitat, and marine ecosystems. He views that until now it is not certain material damages caused by the incidents. But it is certain that the environmental damage requires a lot of funds for the rehabilitation and restoration of the environment around Raja Ampat, West Papua. (SUHANDA/Trans by AHM)


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