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Jakarta Administration Supports Environment Protection through 30-30 Commitment

VOI NEWS 17.03.2017, 10.00 LOCAL TIME, GMT+7

Related to the 10th annual Earth Hour that will be held around the world, including Indonesia on March 25 2017, World Wild Life Indonesia calls on all stakeholders including the government to actively participate in reducing ecological footprint for the sustainable nature. In respond to the call, Jakarta Deputy Governor for Spatial Planning and Environment, Oswar Muadzin Mungkasa in a press briefing on Thursday confirmed that Jakarta administration along with stakeholders and private companies are committed to supporting the sustainability of the nature with a concrete target with so called the 30-30 Commitment. In the Commitment, the high-rise buildings in Jakarta are expected to reduce the use of energy and greenhouse gas emission up to 30 percent by 2030.

"The difference is that we assertively set the targets. In 2030, all high-rise buildings in Jakarta would be able to reduce 30 percent of their water consumption, energy usage, and greenhouse gas emission," he said.

Oswar Muadzin explained, the 30-30 Commitment is in line with the Governor Regulation no. 30/2012 on green building, says that high-rise buildings with more than eight stories must apply green building scheme. Oswar added, although the regulation had been published in 2012, until 2015 there had not been any significant action to support the policy. (trans: Steve/edit r)


Papua focuses on developing tourism in Biak and Supiori

==== The Papua administration has focused on developing tourism in the districts of Biak Numfor and Supiori. Ysh Is Matutina, head of the tourism office of Papua, stated on Thursday that the two regions have become a priority for tourism development, notably the districts of Biak Numfor and Supiori. Tourism development has been carried out since 2016. Several tourist attractions and destinations in Supiori have been identified by the local tourism offices of Papua and Supiori. The development is aimed at attracting more domestic and foreign tourists. In Biak Numfor, the priority is to develop the Sausapor Beach. Several other tourist attractions and destinations are also being developed.  Meanwhile, the number of foreign tourists visiting Biak Numfor District, Papua Province, increased to 3,399 people in 2016, as compared to 1,779 in the previous year.  The increase was the result of intensified tourism promotion activities carried out by the Biak District administration, Enias Rumbewas, spokesman of the Biak Numfor district government, noted recently. (antara)


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