Home News Religious Minister: Harmony in Indonesia Goes well

Religious Minister: Harmony in Indonesia Goes well

Religious Minister: Harmony in Indonesia Goes well

Minister of Religious Affairs, Lukman Hakim Saifuddin said the practice of religious harmony in Indonesia is good. In the National Conference on Freedom of Religion and Belief initiated by the National Commission on Human Rights on Thursday, in Jakarta, religious minister explained that the relationship between the state and religion in Indonesia is very typical. Indonesia is known as a religious nation. Religion and state in Indonesia need and control each other. The government needs religions as controlling factors. Lukman Hakim is grateful that based on the macro perspective, Indonesia could managed the inter-religious harmony in Indonesia.

“Indonesia is very diverse, very wide. We should be that in the middle of very complex plurality we still could preserve the harmony despite of some particular issues,” he said.

Religious Affairs Minister further explained that the Ministry of religion has 4 attempts to create freedom of religion and belief. The first strategy is dialogue. Ministry of Religious Affairs has a forum of religious harmony in every province and district / city as representation of the religious assembly. The next strategy is socialization of regulation, strengthening of regulation and development of partnership. Currently, the government is also preparing a Draft Law on the protection of religious communities. (sekar/trans: r)


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