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World Zakat Forum to Widen Its Members

World Zakat Forum- WZF is established for the welfare of people and alleviating poverty in the muslim-majority countries. Therefore, in the Jakarta-meeting, the delegates hope the organization would be more solid. In this regard, the chairman of the National Zakat Agency of Indonesia, Bambang Sudibyo to the Voice of Indonesia RRI on the sidelines of the conference of the World Zakat Forum in Jakarta, on Thursday said, in addition to strengthening the organization, the Forum will also seek to extend membership which currently consists of 16 countries.

"In the future the number of member will be added. Now the members come from 16 OIC member countries, while the OIC members amount to around 50 countries.  So we will widen the members, with the hope that all OIC members can be members of this forum. This will include associate-membership from countries with Muslim population and we will try our best so that the member scould represent their countries," he siad.

Bambang Sudibyo added that he expects also a permanent secretariat and a better administration of the Forum Zakat refers to the desire to expand the membership. Chairman of the Board, Bambang Sudibyo also expected the results of the panel discussions in the World Zakat Forum 2017 in Jakarta with the speakers from different countries could be a valuable input for the National Zakat Agency of Indonesia, Baznas Indonesia to improve the management of zakat in Indonesia. Tono/ alika/eit r


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