Home News Indonesian BAZNAS is better because of its rule

Indonesian BAZNAS is better because of its rule

Indonesian BAZNAS is better because of its rule

The meeting of the World Zakat Forum -WZF lasting from March 15 to 16 gives a special and right meaning in the management of Zakat. In a panel discussion during the two-day meeting which involves a lot of speakers from abroad, the panelists have provided models and procedures for the management of zakat. Haji Hependri, representative of Badan Amil Zakat Nasional Baznas Merangin District, Jambi Province interrupted during a discussion panel to RRI World Service -Voice of Indonesia on Thursday afternoon at the meeting WZF at Sari Pan Pacific Jakarta said that what the panelists  presented was a good thing, especially referring to the speech of the Minister of Religionous Affairs, Lukman Hakim Saifuddin in at the opening of the Forum on Wednesday about contemporary Fiqh. However, Hependri said what the panelists described is in general nature, but the model of Indonesia Baznas is better.

“…In this issue, we are better. In the strategy, we have clear laws; we have a rule in our own region such as Merangin Jambi province. The existing regulations are already declaring the regional existing instruction of  regents and there a joint circular rule among scholars, clergy, Baznas and the regional governments and the Ministry of Religious Affairs.” he said.

Hependri added in the near future, there will be a presidential instruction related to the management of Zakat in Indonesia. In addition, he hopes that there is cooperation of  the Ministry of Religious Affairs Zakat, MUI and management, so that people become clearer about zakat. If management is organized better, this may be able to help alleviate poverty and increase public welfare given that Indonesia is predominantly populated by Muslims. (Mstn/Trans by Alika)


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