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Turkish regional governments like Indonesian Students

Turkish regional governments like Indonesian Students

The Turkish government provides an opportunity for Indonesian students to continue their bachelor's degree in Turkey. It will subsidize Indonesian students who wish to continue their studies abroad without special requirements. Indonesian students need to pass the selection test which will be held in Jakarta on 30 April 2017. There are no academic requirements or TOEFL for the test. All students graduated from high schools or equivalent in 2014-2017 are welcomed to join the program. In the interactive dialogue with RRI on Thursday (March 16), President of the Turkish Education Foundation Indonesia, C. Doddy Hidayat Putra said that this program is available due to the regional governments in Turkey that like the Indonesian students.

“…Incidentally, now the Turkish government provides ample opportunity for Indonesian students to study in Turkey; they like the people of Indonesia. Indonesian students are known to be very diligent, industrious, and intelligent. And usually, they also make good relationships with Turkey’s students, so that Turkish regional governments or universities in Turkey are very comfortable with Indonesian students," he said.

Doddy Hidayat further explained that more Indonesian students can register for the selection exam until 31st of March. 73 universities in Turkey are ready to accept students in Indonesia. The quota can reach 2.000 foreign students for each university. (Anis/Trans by Rezha)


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