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Government Drafts Guidelines for Sermons in Houses of Worship

Indonesian Minister of Religious Affairs, Lukman Hakim Saifuddin said, there are still many regulatory gaps to maintain religious freedom and to improve inter-religious harmony in Indonesia. At the National Congress of Freedom of Religion and Belief initiated by the National Commission on Human Rights that took place in Jakarta on Thursday (March 16), the Minister said that the government is currently drafting guidelines for a joint sermon at houses of worship for all religions in Indonesia. At some regional elections in Indonesia, there are political statements which are blasphemous and discriminatory in the houses of worship. Minister Lukman Hakim expressed that such statements should be avoided as the houses of worship should not be used for political practices.

“…We at the Ministry of Religious Affairs are preparing a joint guideline for sermons in houses of worship; There must be joint  agreement on what we can deliver in the houses of worship or not. So, this is not an easy question because there is no regulation," he said.             

Religious Affairs Minister further explained, through the guidelines of the sermons, these will create a joint perspective for the people who deliver the sermons. The sacredness of the houses of worship must be maintained and the houses of worship cannot pose any conflict amid the people. In addition, these guidelines can also be a legal basis for the police to enforce the law in connection with such violations. (Sekar/Trans by Rezha)


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