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Pakistan is Ready to Help Indonesia in Resolving Conflicts Involving Muslim Countries

VOI NEWS 19.03.2017, 12.00 LOCAL TIME, GMT+7

Indonesia as the country with the largest Muslim population in the world has a major role in solving the conflict in Muslim countries in the world. Therefore, Ambassador of Pakistan to Indonesia, Mohammad Aqil Nadeem in a special interview with Voice of Indonesia recently in Jakarta stated that Pakistan expressed its readiness to cooperate and assist the conflict resolution efforts with Indonesia.

“Indonesia being the biggest Moslem country in the world can play a leading role in resolution of the conflict and off course Pakistan can help Indonesia and this regard. And infective, both countries join together then they can play a very effective role in resolving this conflict situation in the Moslem world,” he said.

In addition, Ambassador Nadeem said that the important role of Indonesia in the resolution of conflicts in Muslim countries can be seen on the Indonesia's efforts in resolving the conflict in Palestine. Therefore, Pakistan hoped to cooperate with Indonesia, especially the two countries have joined in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) // (Rezha/trs.Alika)


Indonesian Farmers to Grow Seedless Oranges 

The districts deputy Sufian Noor said that Indonesian farmers in Tapin District, South Kalimantan Province, will develop and grow seedless oranges in some sub-districts. The district administration has asked the Agriculture Ministry’s research agency in Batu District, East Java Province, to study and enhance the production of the orange variety. He added in Rantau, Districts capital city that the government’s main objectives for this year’s program have been developed in the sectors of agriculture and horticulture by adopting new technologies and innovations. The districts agriculture bureau will further introduce a cluster system to enable farmers to cultivate the oranges. The government will grow the country’s finest orange varieties in a 12-hectare land. The Agriculture Ministry has committed to assist in the plantation of the seedless variety in the district.  The districts government previously has provided a 300-hectare land for orange plantation in North and South Candi Laras Sub-Districts. The districts local orange, named as Siam Banjar or Miargasari, has been known as the country’s second sweetest fruit at a national competition held by the Agriculture Ministry in Jakarta. Therefore he explained that this year, the government has committed to grow 200 Margasari orange trees in 19 hectares of land ////ant

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