Home News In 10th Anniversary of Diplomatic School Indonesia Calls for World Cooperation

In 10th Anniversary of Diplomatic School Indonesia Calls for World Cooperation

VOI NEWS 14.04.2017, 10.00 LOCAL TIME, GMT+7

Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs commemorated the 10th Anniversary of the ministry’s International Senior Diplomatic School on Thursday in Jakarta. The commemoration was attended by Deputy Foreign Minister AM Fachir, a number of foreign Ambassadors in Indonesia as well as Indonesian and foreign diplomats. In his remarks, Deputy Foreign Minister AM Fachir expressed hope that the ministry’s International Senior Diplomatic School could be means for exchange ideas among diplomats to the benefit of the world order. AM Fachir said Indonesia is open to cooperation with other countries, both in the form of bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

"We are open to have collaboration to all people from other countries. So please share with us if you have initiatives that we could collaborate. We don’t do it just like bilateral, we can do it even trilateral or more than that. So again we invite, we encourage that you could collaborate with us and hopefully together we can contribute to the world order," he said..  

AM Fachir explained further, Indonesia in its constitution have the obligation to contribute to world peace. Hence Indonesia is committed to cooperating with various parties as well as sharing experiences in order to create world order. He said, so far the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia has implemented many programs of cooperation with other countries in an effort to promote world peace. One program that is routinely carried out is awarding the Indonesian Art and Culture scholarships to know Indonesia closely. According to him world peace could be realized if there was a conducive atmosphere for sharing in solving problems. (Ndy)


Government Studies Card-use for Subsidy Distribution

The government plans to implement a card-system in distributing energy subsidy. People with the subsidy card will be entitled to receive subsidies for fuel and electricity. The plan is currently being studied by the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry. Energy Minister Ignasius Jonan said he is in talks with state power company PLN about the matter, and plans to start implementing the scheme next year. Jonan said in Jakarta on Thursday that a card system is expected to ensure that the subsidies are given to the right people—those who cannot afford to pay for non-subsidized fuel and electricity. This is not just about reducing subsidy, according to Jonan, but about fair distribution. This year's subsidy budget is expected to increase to Rp 30 trillion from the allocated Rp20 trillion. (Tempo)


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