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Jokowi Clarifies Statement About Small Saudi Arabia's Investment

VOI NEWS 16.4.2017  09:00 Local Time GMT+7

Indonesian President Joko Widodo clarified his statement he made about the small amount of investment that Saudi Arabia made in Indonesia compared to the amount the country made in China. According to Jokowi, he made the statement in a relaxed forum. He added that since it was relaxed forum, his statement was part of the breaking of the ice. Jokowi said in Jakarta on Saturday (15/4) that he made the statement in a relaxed situation. The President also said the small amount of investment made in Indonesia must serve as basis for evaluation.  According to him, if Indonesia’s ease of doing business index improves it will attract more investors to come and make investment. Jokowi previously said he was disappointed to learn that Saudi Arabia had invested US$65 billion in China, almost 10 times the Rp89 trillion or 6.71 billionUSD pledged to Indonesia, despite the “special treatment. (Tempo)


Disasters force people in Sukabumi to evacuate

Residents of two sub-districts, such as Cibadak and Nagrak, of Sukabumi District, West Java Province, were evacuated due to strong winds and landslide that struck the region. Head of the Operation Command for the Sukabumi Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency Yana Rusyana stated on Saturday that no casualty was reported due to the disasters. However, they temporarily evacuated the residents to a safer place. Strong winds battered Sekarwangi Village of Cibadak Sub-district, damaging a house inhabited by six people. Meanwhile, a landslide that hit Pawenang Village of Nagrak Sub-district has damaged a house belonging to Udin. Strong winds also damaged a house in Girijaya Village of Nagrak Sub-district, forcing the three residents to temporarily evacuate. Rusyana noted that the victims have been evacuated to their relatives homes. The volunteers and personnel of the Indonesian Military and Police are clearing out the debris. The agency has distributed emergency assistance, including food items and basic necessities. He also urged the people to remain alert for disasters, due to the ongoing extreme weather. (Tempo)

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