Home News Lapis legit named among world’s most delicious national cakes by CNN

Lapis legit named among world’s most delicious national cakes by CNN

VOI NEWS 17.4.2017  10:00 Local Time GMT+7

As rice is the staple food, lapis legit is undoubtedly the staple cake for every Indonesian. This layer cake is always present during every celebratory occasion, from Idul Fitri to Chinese New Year and family get-togethers. CNN's website recently announced a list of 17 of the world’s best national cakes and on it lapis legit joins the likes of pandan cake from Malaysia and Singapore, baklava from Turkey and dorayaki from Japan. Lapis legit, also known as spekkoek, was first introduced during the Dutch colonial era. The recipe uses a massive amount of butter and from 30 to 40 eggs. Traditional spices such as cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg are proportionally used in the making of this cake. This sweet treat usually has 18 layers but some can stack up to 20 to 22 layers and don’t be surprised if the cake is quite pricey, as baking a lapis legit can take hours since it is created layer by layer. The most famous flavor is prune lapis legit prunes, which uses dried plums as a filling. (Jakarta Post)


New Zealander gets 11 years in prison for possessing drugs

Balikpapan District Court of East Kalimantan sentenced New Zealand citizen Gregory John Harland White, earlier this week to 11 years in jail and Rp 800 million (US$61,000) in fines for owning and consuming 29.7 grams of crystal methamphetamine, locally known as sabu-sabu. Gregory, through his lawyer Yohannes Marokko, said on Sunday they have not decided whether or not to appeal the verdict. Presiding Judge Purnomo Amin Cahyo said the defendant was proved to have controlled and provided methamphetamine. Gregory pleaded guilty to all charges. Purnomo remarked that the indictment points were met. He was proved as having controlled and stored 29.7 grams of crystal meth. Police arrested Harland in October 2016 at the Palm Hills housing complex, South Balikpapan, and confiscated 29.7 grams of crystal meth, a digital scale as well as a car. Harland brought the methamphetamine from Malaysia via sea into Batam and brought it to Balikpapan by plane. Before he was arrested, Gregory successfully passed the examination at the airport by tying the drugs to his leg with black duct tape. (Jakarta Post)

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