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Government Strives Community Based Child Protection

VOI NEWS 17.4.2017 11:00 Local Time GMT+7

In a working visit in West Sumatra province which took place from April 16 to 21, Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection Yohana Yembise introduced a Community Based Child Protection Campaign called BERLIAN. Her ministry will perform the campaign all over Indonesia as an effort to reduce the number of child abuse. It was stated by minister Yohana Yembise in the campaign in the field Kantin in Bukittinggi, Sunday (16/4). The campaign was delivered in the form of song and dance.
"BERLIAN is one of the programs of the ministry we made since 2015. Why the campaign is delivered in the form of musical act?  Because we feel that when it was delivered to the public especially to young children directly as a lecture or discussion, it would be boring. So we decided to make the discussion in form of music and this could make many people understand what we deliver and our interactive would be improved'" Minister Yembise said.
According to Minister Yohanna it needs commitment between government, communities and parents to jointly take precautions in protecting children. Therefore, the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection is developing a community-based child protection by raising awareness and understanding of children's rights and protection among children and adults.
Meanwhile, the mayor of Bukittinggi, Nurmantias Ramlan said Bukittinggi Administration is committed to empowerment of women and protection of children. The policies considered friendly to women and children have been made, including coaching starts from the family, restrictions on the use of gadgets and the internet for children, arrangement of children's playground, public facilities and social facilities, such as toilets and parking lot which are friendly to women. (VOI/Iksan)


Aceh promotes outdoor activities to attract more tourists

Amid the growing popularity of Aceh as the go-to place for halal tourism, the province now wants to promote its central region for adventure travel involving outdoor activities such as rafting, hiking and paragliding. Aceh Tourism Agency head Reza Fahlevi said the development of the central region as a tourist destination is now possible since the road access connecting Bener Meriah to Lhokseumawe has been improved and more mid-size planes are flying to Rembele airport. Fahlevi said that the central region of Aceh has the perfect environment to support adventure travel. By promoting the area as a tourist destination it also improves its economy. According to Fahlevi, there are five areas that can be developed as adventure travel destinations. They are Gayo, Southeast Aceh, Gayo Lues, Bener Meriah and Central Aceh. Currently, the Tourism Ministry is developing 12 destinations for adventure travel across Indonesia: Krakatau, Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park and Rinjani for hiking, Bali, Ijen Crater and Komodo Island for trekking, Citarik Sukabumi, the Alas River in Aceh and the Elo River in Central Java for rafting and Gunungkidul, Pacitan and Maros for spelunking. (Jakarta Post)


Papua Logistics Agency Optimistic to Absorb 51 Tons of Rice

State Logistics Agency (Bulog) of Papua and West Papua Regional Divisions is optimistic that they could absorb 51 tons of locally produced rice throughout 2017. Head of Bulog Papua and West Papua Division Fauzi Muhammad revealed that most of the absorption will be from Merauke and Nabire regencies. Fauzi said in Jayapura on Sunday(16/4) that in Merauke, a lot of new paddy fields are made, and Merauke rice has good quality, but it cannot meet their own needs. Fauzi added that if possible, the result of absorption in Merauke will be distributed to other areas in Papua. He pointed out that he wants Merauke to be able to supply rice for Papua, if possible, all the way to supply the needs in Maluku. Meanwhile in Nabire, the number of rice stock is still far behind Merauke. However, with the addition of paddy fields, he claimed to raise the absorption rate from 750 tons to 1.000 tons. (tempo)


Sales of Indonesian Coffee in Italy Expected to Rise

==== Indonesian Ambassador to Italy Esti Andayani targets economic growth of Indonesia-Italy investment and trade to rise 25 percent during her term of office in Rome. Esti said in Jakarta (15/4) that 25 percent is the overall figure. In 2015, the total of Italian investment reached nearly 98 million US Dollars that made it the tenth largest investor in Indonesia. Based the data of Foreign Affair Ministry, the trade volume of both countries was US$ 3,82 billion with Indonesia’s surplus as much as US$ 433 million. Esti said that coffee is the main commodity promoted in Italy. Its export is worth US$ 58,8 million or the third largest export after palm (US$ 975 million), and resin (US$ 93 million). Esti claimed to have prepared a number of strategies to draw the attention of Indonesian coffee exporters to Italian market, one of which is by means of integrated promotion through participating in annual "World Tourism Expo" in Italy. (tempo)


Sri Mulyani: Women can have it all

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati has encouraged local companies to implement more women-friendly policies in an effort to boost female employees’ contributions at work. She said during the General Electric (GE) Women’s Network forum held recently in Jakarta. The minister added women can have it all, but need to have involve other parties, like spouse and children. Sri Mulyani, who served as World Bank managing director prior to her return to Cabinet, shared her experiences juggling her work and family life. Her family members, she said, got used to seeing her bring her work home so she could finish it and still have the chance to interact with her family. She would also bring her children to work so that they had an idea of what their mother did during the day. (Jakarta Post)


French tour operators, travel agents meet local counterparts in Sumatra

The Tourism Ministry is currently conducting a familiarization trip from April 10 to 17 for French tour operators and travel agents to North Sumatra, West Sumatra and Belitung. The group, led by Visit Indonesia Tourism Officer (VITO) in France, Eka Moncarre, and consisting of representatives from Explorator, Bali Seken, CFA Voyages, the Marco Vasco Travel Agency and La Maison du Voyages tour operators and travel agents, is visiting Sumatra’s famous tourist attractions, such as Lake Toba and Ngarai Sianok. The French representatives were also to meet operators from West Sumatra, such as PT. Ora Tour, Bravo Tours Padang, On Amanah Digita, PT. Raun Sumatra, Grand Zuri Hotel, Grand Rocky Hotel, Malalatour Indonesia, Limpapah Tour, Ero Tours and Tibo Balai Tours. West Sumatra Tourism Agency head Oni Yulfian at the start of the meeting said that seventy percent of overseas tourists that came to West Sumatra were Malaysian, 5 percent were from Australia, while the rest were from Singapore, India and Europe, but the number of tourists from these countries aren’t that high. (GPS)


World surfers catch waves at Krui Pro 2017 in Sumatra

Bali is not the only place where the world’s best surfers gather and this could be seen at this year’s Krui Pro international surfing competition, which was held at Tanjung Setia Beach in Sumatra from April 14 to 16. West Pesisir Regent Agus Istiqlal said that fifty-one of the surfers are from countries known to have the best surfers in the world, like Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, South Korea, Greece, the United States and Japan; the rest of the participants are surfers from Indonesia. Organizing and hosting the event was a collaborative effort involving the West Pesisir Barat regency, the Tourism Ministry, the World Surf League (WSL), the Asian Surfing Championship (ASC) and the Indonesia Wave Surfing Association (PSOI). Participants at the 2017 Krui Pro competed in the World Surf League (WSL) QS 1000 Men’s and Women’s Surfing Competition qualifiers. The elimination round was officiated by Lampung Governor M. Ridho. Tanjung Setia Beach is located in West Pesisir regency at the southernmost end of Sumatra Island and faces the Indian Ocean. It has been described as a haven for surfers as the waves can go as high as seven meters with a length of up to 200 meters. (Jakarta Post)

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