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Indonesian Vice President Muhammad Jusuf Kalla officially opened the Second IORA Ministerial Blue Economy Conference on Wednesday in Jakarta. In his address, the Vice President said that maritime based economy or the blue economy has become the future of the world economy. According to him the future of maritime economy lies on business and industrial sector that meet the limited resources. Therefore Vice President said that both business and industrial sector should be supported by government regulation to protect and preserve the natural resources.

“Our maritime economy in the future lies in the blue economy. The challenges of the Blue Economy concept are indeed rest on business and industrial sectors amid all the more limited resources. We need to respond thesechallenges together, particularly the government in facilitating business and industrial sectors that commit to implement this concept in the future. For that reason, I highly appreciate voluntary commitments both from the member states and dialogue partners as well, to contribute to the implementation of blue economy fund commitment, that is the core theme of this Ministerial Conference.

Furthermore Vice President Jusuf Kalla stated that as a country situated in the Indian Ocean Rim, Indonesia commits to awake its maritime spirit. In accordance with these commitments, Indonesia as an archipelagic country united by seas, has to manage its maritime resources in sustainable way. According to him, Indonesia should also build and develop its maritime infrastructure and connectivity, including to foster its maritime diplomacy and defense// (ndy)



The Indonesian Vice President Muhammad Jusuf Kalla in his address at the opening ceremony of the Second IORA Ministerial Blue Economy Conference on Wednesday in Jakarta encouraged Indian Ocean Rim Association member countries to fully address the Illegal Unreported and Unregulated Fishing -IUU issues. According to him, the IUU Fishing is a form of transnational organized crime that should become world’s largest interest. In this regards, the Vice President encourages all countries to establish and implement the law instrument to prevent it, regional and international.

“In accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals, we need to emphasize that Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing is a form of transnational organized crime in which the international communities need to pay full attention to. In preventing and combating IUU Fishing, we encourage the establishment and the implementation of the international/regional law instrument,” he said.

Moreover Vice President Muhammad Jusuf Kalla said that the sea and ocean are the future of the world. According to him there are more than three billions people in the world depend on marine and coastal biodiversity as their source of lives. Jusuf Kalla also said that ocean becomes the biggest world protein sources with more than three billion people of the world depend on the ocean as their main protein sources. Ocean becomes workplaces, directly or indirectly for more than 200 million world inhabitants. However, Jusuf Kalla mentioned that 40 percent  of the world oceans are affected by human activities including marine pollution, the depletion of fish-catching and the disappearance of coastal habitat// (ndy) 

A two Year Verdict for Ahok, Vice President Jusuf Kalla Asks all Sides to Respect the Court Ruling


North Jakarta district court has sentenced 2 years imprisonment for Non-Active Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaya Purnama or Ahok for a religious blasphemy case. Vice President Jusuf Kalla at his office in Jakarta on Tuesday May 9, 2017 expressed his condolences for Basuki Tjahaya Purnama’s verdict. As Jakarta Governor, Ahok has done wonderful work in implementing the trust of central government to the regions. Jusuf Kalla asked public to accept the court decision.  

“Anyway, Ahok is the Jakarta Governor, the representatives of the Central government in the region. Therefore I express my sympathy for the verdict, but we have all agreed that any court decision will be accepted," he said.


Vice President Jusuf Kalla stated that Ahok’s lawyers can propose the next legal process from the legal process of appeal in the Jakarta high court until the legal process of cassation in the supreme court// Rizki.Trs.NK


Indonesian government will make a firm action against the Mass organization that are not in line with the ideology of Pancasila and the Indonesian principles. One of them is Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia mass organization that becomes a spotlight to be dismissed by Indonesian government through law and human rights. Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia is known to have understanding that unites religious and government leadership in a country. This is not in line with Indonesian principle. The existence of Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia is also not in line with the unitary state of Indonesia that consists of many diversity such as tribe, tradition and religion. The organization has the state understanding based on Islamic law. To the press in Jakarta, Tuesday (9/5), Vice President Jusuf Kalla demanded that the plan to dismiss the organization is implemented through legal process in order to ensure the legal justice.  

“Today it is clear that Indonesia has its own terms. So that kind of understanding is not appropriate with the state concept that we have now. All religions have universal sense. But it is not allowed to the state. Well what mistake, is to try to combine the two kinds of leadership. Unlimited religious and government leadership,” he said.

Coordinating Minister of Politic, Law and Security Wiranto and Law and Human right Minister Yassona Laoly have coordinated to make on law effort to dismiss the Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia mass organization and its entire activities are banned in Indonesia// RIZKI.Trs.NK

47 Botanical Gardens Ideal for Indonesia

Indonesia is rich with biodiversity in all regions. Some of the biodiversity are conserved in botanical gardens. Indonesia needs more botanical gardens. It was said by Head of Center of Botanical Plantation Conservation of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Didik Widyatmoko to the Voice of Indonesia in the sideline of Seminar of Botanical Gardens and Water Resources Management at LIPI’s Conservation Building in Bogor West Java on Tuesday.

“We are optimistic that we could develop 47 botanical gardens representing 47 Indonesian eco-regions. They reflect biodiversity of Indonesia. There must be one botanical garden for every eco-region. Eco-region is a geographic area which has the same characteristic of plantations, animal, soil and climate. So if we build botanical garden, where certain plantations exist, it might be successful. That is the strategy. At least 47 botanical garden,” he said.

Didik Widyatmoko hopes in the next 5 until 10 years LIPI could build botanical gardens in the eastern part of Indonesia. He also asked local administrations which have no botanical garden to cooperate with LIPI in order to build one respectively. It could also be beneficial for the local people// (Voi/Faisal/edit r)


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