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Declaration to Prioritize the Use of Indonesian Language in Public Sphere

VOI NEWS 11.05.2017, 11.00 LOCAL TIME, GMT+7

Language is an identity of one nation. Thus, Indonesians should be proud with the language of unity, Indonesian language. Related to the identity of the nation, Ministry of Education and Culture through Development Council and Language Development in conjunction with the National Education Day 2nd May and to welcome National Awakening Day on 20 May, held Prioritization of the State Language Movement at Soemantri Brodjonegoro Sport Hall in Jakarta on Wednesday. The event which was attended by students, cultural art activists and officials of the Ministry and the regional government of Jakarta, was marked by a declaration of prioritization of State Language in the public sphere by the participants. Head of Development Council and Language Development, Prof. Dadang Sunendar said on the sidelines of the event to RRI World Service - Voice of Indonesia in Jakarta that the declaration becomes a momentum to more strongly glue the unity of the nation and love the Indonesian nation through language.

“…The campaign becomes a momentum to remind the people that we have a national adhesive namely Indonesian language. And the second one is we see the reason of the event namely to see in the public room, many people still use foreign languages, which should not take place properly, because the public sphere is a lifetime literacy room. Indonesian people should always use the public sphere to speak Indonesian language instead of using foreign languages. So, the question is that why we are not proud and love the great Indonesian language…," he said. 

Prof Dadang Sunendar further said that the use of Indonesian language preference as a state language has also been long campaigned to stakeholders such as presidents, ministers, governors, regents and other state institutions. (Tono/Trans by Yati) 


Arts and Culture Scholarship Program of Foreign Affairs Ministry Officially Opened

Indonesia Art and Culture Scholarship Program -BSBI 2017 was officially opened on Wednesday, May 10, 2017 at Gedung Pancasila of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jakarta. The Indonesian Culture Arts Scholarship is a program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has been implemented since 2003. In 2017, this program enters the 15th year. The purpose of this activity is to introduce the young generation of other countries with a variety of Indonesian identity such as a value to respect for diversity, diversity, kinship, politeness, tolerance, and openness. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, A.M. Fachir, after the opening ceremony, told media that the BSBI participants are expected to become friends of Indonesia in the future. 

“…We expect them to help our representatives there to improve relationships and cooperation which cover not only from the cultural side, but also political cooperation, economic relations and all kinds,” he said.

Over the last 15 years, this program has 718 graduates from 63 countries, who become friends of Indonesia and has also helped the promotion of Indonesia in the countries of origin. BSBI 2017 program started on May 8, 2017 and will be closed with a colossal cultural performance entitled ‘Indonesia Channel, Performance of Sahabat Indonesia, on August 19, 2017 in Surabaya, East Java. The theme in the Indonesian Cultural Arts Scholarship 2017 is "Celebrating Diversity, Harnessing Harmony". The priority countries of BSBI 2017 participants are ASEAN member countries, a number of European countries, Asia, Africa and Partner Countries of Interfaith Dialogue. There are 6 new countries in BSBI 2017 namely, Kyrgyzstan, Belgium, Ukraine, Mexico, Argentina and Tajikistan. In addition, there are 4 young Indonesians from Papua, Central Sulawesi, Central Kalimantan and East Java. The curriculum that is taught primarily is Indonesian language, cultural art and religious harmony, social activities and local wisdom. In this program, the participants will have the opportunity to know and experience the atmosphere during Religious Day in Indonesia, such as Waisak Day, Ramadan and Idul Fitri, and the festive celebration of the 72nd anniversary of Indonesia. For 3 months, the participants will participate in studio and university namely Studio Tydif, Surabaya; Sanggar Semarandana, Denpasar; Rumata Cultural House, Makassar; And Sanggar Musik and Tari Sofiyani, and  University of veterans Yogyakarta for Special Program. (Skr)


World Ports Conference: Sustainability of the Seaport Becomes the Main discussion

Hundreds of delegations from 88 member countries are taking part in the 30th International Association of Port and Harbors (IAPH) World Ports Conference starting from 7 May – 12 May 2017 at Nusa Dua Convention Centre, Bali.  The conference is discussing a number of important agendas. Acting Secretary of Coordinating Minister for Marine Affairs, Ridwan Djamaluddin said in Nusa Dua, Bali on Wednesday that the main discussion which becomes concerned is about sustainability of the seaport. Meanwhile, Pelindo as the organizing committee will deliver the plan of sea toll and ambition of President Joko Widodo to make Indonesia as the world's maritime axis.

“…Sustainability is a problem in technology, I think we have seen some seaports in Indonesia, which have applied green port concept, and used high technology, and increased efficiency. Because president’s message as the leader of the government always says that Indonesia’s seaports must give the best and efficient services.”

Meanwhile, Head of the organizing Committee who is also Executive Director of PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero), Elvyn G. Masassya said that to create the sustainable seaport is the main attention of the country, especially Pelindo which should become the main focus to be able to compete with other seaports in the world. He also hoped that the annual meeting can produce various things. The important point is how all members change their opinion and experience each other in developing seaport sector in each country. (Marno/Trans- by Yati)


Minister Luhut Invites Foreign Investors to Develop Indonesia’s Ports

Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan has urged foreign investors to develop ports across Indonesia in the 30th Conference of the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) that has taken place in Bali since 7 until 12 of May.  At the opening of the conference, Minister Luhut Pandjaitan stated that ports have played an important role in Indonesia to pursue its goal of being the world’s maritime axis. He also admitted that despite the government’s increased budget for national development, including port projects, it would still need more funds. The international conference was attended by participants from 50 member countries. Ant) 

World Bank Approves Financial Support for Social Assistance Program

The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors approved a fund worth $200 million dollars (Rp2.6 trillion) to support the expansion of Indonesia’s social assistance program, notably the Family Hope Program (PKH), managed by the Ministry of Social Affairs. World Bank Country Director for Indonesia, Rodrigo Chaves, in his statement received in Jakarta, Wednesday, explained the funding is aimed at expanding the government’s conditional cash assistance through PKH, strengthening the system for program implementation, and coordinating with other social assistance programs. Rodrigo Chaves also said that by extending social assistance, Indonesia is taking steps to reduce poverty and inequality and to improve the future of children from poor families through improved education and health services. (Ant)


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