VOI NEWS 13.05.2017, 10.00 LOCAL TIME, GMT+7

Chairman of the Tobacco Control Support Center-Association of Indonesian Public Health Experts (TCSC-IAKMI) Sumarjati Arjoso on Friday in Jakarta encouraged the government and all related parties to stop cigarette advertisement in media. According to her, the cigarette advertisement in media has a huge contribution to the increasing number of smokers among young people. One of measures to stop cigarette’s advertisement is through regulations of Broadcasting Law in the Parliament.

“The cigarette’s advertisement is truly poisoning the teenagers. Research of Hamka University shows that those teenagers are truly smoking because of the advertisement. The Parliament is currently revising the Broadcasting Law to forbid the drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes advertisement in media. Cigarette, according to Health Law number 36 of 2009 was stated as an addictive substance but why it can be advertised and considered a normal product. There must be de-normalization of cigarette,”

The Ministry of Health noted that among teenagers aged 13 to 15 in Indonesia, 20 percent of them are smokers, 41 percent of whom are boys and 3.5 percent are girls. Smoking habits in Indonesia according to data from the Ministry of Health has killed at least 235 thousand lives each year and require substantial cost for treatment. Regarding to this, the government considers that Non-Transmitted Diseases through cigarettes can be a serious threat to the sustainability of the National Health Insurance Program// (Ndy)


Minister Susi Receives Peter Benchley Ocean Award

Indonesian Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti received a global maritime honor "the Peter Benchley Ocean Award" at the Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC, United States, on Thursday (May 11) night. Minister Susi said in remarks while receiving the award as stated in a press statement received on Friday that the award had convinced her that the fight against illegal fishing was appropriate. The Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry had implemented various marine and fisheries development policies in Indonesia covering the pillars of sovereignty, sustainability, and prosperity. The policies include the eradication of illegal fishing, introducing minimum catch sizes for certain species, and banning the use of harmful fishing gear that threatens the environment. Minister Susi also said that several published policies have been studied in depth and calculated carefully. Although the minister faces some pressure when deciding a policy, she will make the sea as the future of the nation consistently////Antara

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