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BIN Calls for Intensified Security against Wannacry

VOI NEWS 16.5.2017  09:00 local time GMT+7

Head of the National Intelligence Agency -BIN General Budi Gunawan called on state agencies to improve their IT security following a massive scale cyber-attack through Wannacry ransomware. Wannacry is malicious software that attacks its host by encrypting files, which can only be unlocked after victims pay a ransom as an exchange. Gen. Budi said in Monday (May 15th) that the attack is a new form of proxy war or cyber war to weaken a country. The worldwide attack commenced after a tool used by the National Security Agency was leaked and stolen by a group calling themselves ‘Shadow Brokers’. The tool is used to exploit the weakness in Microsoft Windows operating system. Gen. Budi views that the target of the attack has shifted from high level of confidential information owned by a state to commercial ones. He suggested that people must anticipate other exploits used by state or non-state hackers against systems with weaknesses not realized by their designers. Gen. Budi called on IT related agencies to change their paradigm. (Tempo)


Anadolu plans to broadcast news in Bahasa

The Turkish national news agency -Anadolu Ajansi (AA) plans to expand its international network by launching an Indonesian news program by the end of June 2017. The agency will also set up its bureau in Jakarta as one of the three English publishing desks apart from the one in Turkey and the USA. AA’s Deputy Director General Editor-in-Chief, Metin Mutanoglu stated after meeting Antara News Agency’s General Director, Meidyatama Suryodiningrat in Jakarta on Monday (May 15th) that the program will be launched by the end of June 2017, and 50 news stories in Bahasa will be broadcast daily. He noted that AA’s decision to expand its international news services is based on the fact that Indonesia is a big and important friend of Turkey, with a long-standing history, yet economic cooperation between both countries reaches some $2 billion dollars. Of the 50 news stories in Bahasa, 25 will cover international issues from AA journalists across the world, 15 will highlight issues related to Turkey, and the rest will be on Indonesia covered by AA correspondents and journalists in the country. (Antara)

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