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President Joko Widodo Urges Religious Leaders to Reach Grass Root Level

VOI NEWS 11.00 LOCAL TIME, GMT+7, 17-05-2017

President Joko Widodo known as Jokowi, urges the religious leaders to handle intergroup conflicts up to the grassroots level. The president is aware that conflicts are prone to emerge from this level. Indonesian Communion of Churches (PGI) head Henriette Tabita Lebang on Tuesday, May 16 said previously, President Jokowi invited religious leaders and public figures to build a sense of togetherness and calmness among the grassroots level. Henriette said that Jokowi views the reach into the grassroots level as one of the most effective ways of preventing conflicts. Conflicts usually spark from differences of opinions among the people. Meanwhile, the government would be able to utilize the National Awakening Day that is annually celebrated on May 20th. Henriette said that the celebration is a perfect momentum to hold a large scale event that can connect groups from different religions and traditions to create the togetherness. Henriette concluded that through that process, he hoped that a social reconciliation could be reached among the diverse groups of society and should not be stuck in polarization. (tempo)


President Jokowi to attend Arab Islamic American Summit in Riyadh

Leader of the world's biggest Muslim-majority country President Joko Widodo is set to attend the Arab Islamic American Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Sunday. Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Indonesia Osama bin Mohammed Abdullah Al Shuaibi said on Tuesday that President Jokowi would participate in the first ever summit to be held between leaders of Muslim-majority countries and US President Donald Trump, which aims to decouple Islam's image from terrorism. For Trump, the visit to Saudi Arabia will be his first state visit. Al Shuaibi said leaders at the summit aimed to present to the US a united stance of the Muslim world against the Islamic State (IS) group and terrorism at large. Al Shuaibi told The Jakarta Post on Tuesday that this summit will show President Trump that all Islamic countries have nothing to do with IS which do not represent Islam. (Jakarta Post)


President Encourages Youth to Work Together for Indonesia

President Joko Widodo called on all citizens to stop accusing, insulting, slandering and protesting against each other. The Indonesian people have to work together to develop the country. It was said by President Joko Widodo in his remarks during the opening of the 19th Indonesian Islamic Students Movement (PMII) Congress at Darussalam Grand Mosque in Palu, Central Sulawesi, on Tuesday (16/5). The President said the world is changing fast and Indonesia must follow that development through positive and fruitful work for the development of the country. The President expressed hope that PMII as one of the components of the nation could be part of the solution to the various problems of the nation.

“We must continue to follow the changes if we do not want to be left behind by other nations. Students are the elite strata in all countries, especially Indonesia. Therefore the students especially PMII Indonesian Islamic Student Movement must be part of the solution of this nation,” said President Joko Widodo.

On the same occasion Chairman of the Executive Board of PMII, Aminuddin Ma'ruf invited the younger generation of PMII members to continue to work to develop the nation. He said PMII does not want a failed generation, intellectual unemployment and a generation that is burdening the country. The 19th Congress of PMII is scheduled to last until May 19. (Nurbaidah/trans: r)


ASEAN economic community opens greater job opportunities in the region

Director of ASEAN Economic Cooperation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ade Petranto stated that the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Economic Community framework can create more job opportunities in the blocs member countries. He noted in a press release received on Tuesday (16/5) that there needs to be a shift in mindset in the way they respond to the ASEAN Economic Community and the change is from viewing it as an opportunity rather than a threat. Petranto made the statement during the "Utilization of Indonesia Demographic Bonus in the Era of the ASEAN Economic Community 2025" event held in Bandung, Tuesday. The event was organized by the Ministry’s Directorate of ASEAN Economic Cooperation in partnership with the Pasundan University Center for ASEAN Studies. The event involved over 130 participants comprising students and representatives of manpower associations in Bandung, West Java. Petranto stated that the event is aimed at increasing the understanding of all academicians in Bandung regarding the ASEAN Economic Community. Furthermore, the activity also aims to gather feedback and inputs from all stakeholders and the general public on the ASEAN Economic Community in order to ensure that Indonesia’s interests are fully met under the framework. (antara)


Italy to increase investment in Indonesia by 10 percent

President of Italy-ASEAN Association Enrico Letta is targeting a 10 percent increase in investment in Indonesia, considering that the bilateral trade value had reached US$2.5 billion last year. Former Italian prime minister Letta stated on the sidelines of the High-Level Dialogue on ASEAN-Italy Economic Relations on Tuesday (16/5) that he expected to increase investment by at least 10 percent this year. The focus is on the aviation, infrastructure, food processing, energy, and pharmaceuticals (sectors). He noted that these sectors are important as (the return on investment) on them takes significant time. Letta explained that investment in energy sector takes around 20-25 years and encompasses activities, such as drilling, exploration, and renewable energy utilization. He admitted that Italian investment in Indonesia is small since the country’s companies lack information on investment opportunities in Indonesia. To explore investment opportunities in Indonesia, the European House-Ambrosetti held the High-Level Dialogue on ASEAN-Italy Economic Relations in Jakarta. (antara)


Cuban Ambassador Invites Indonesian Businessmen to Invest in Tourism

The Embassy of the Republic of Cuba for Indonesia held an event titled: Present and Future, Various Opportunities in commemoration of the 57th anniversary of the Cuban-Indonesian bilateral relationship in Jakarta on Tuesday (16/5). The Ambassador of Cuba Nirsia Castro Guevara presented on the occasion the latest cultural, economic and tourism development in Cuba. She expressed hope that bilateral relations between Cuba and Indonesia continue to develop, especially in tourism sector through investment and the visit of Indonesian businessmen to Cuba.

“My expectation is to see the relation especially in economic area to be developed. I want Indonesians to go to visit Cuba as tourists. I have said that investment in the tourism sector is important to keep more Indonesian people visiting Cuba. You see how many project? 114 projects in tourism sector. So it would be good to tell this Indonesian businessmen to go to Cuba as tourists and Investors,” said Nirsia Castro Guevara.

Ambassador Guevara said further, that according to foreign investment portfolio in Cuba, there is an increase in the number of projects from 326 projects in 2015 to 395 by the end of 2016. And 114 of them are in the tourism sector. More than three million foreign tourists visited Cuba in 2015, more than four million by 2016 and Cuba expects to have four and a half million tourists this year. (Rifai/trans: r)


Property Bank Aims to Lower Housing Prices

The Public Works and Public Housings Ministry official Syarif Burhanuddin said Indonesia needs an agency to control the value of land and house, such as property banks. Syarif said on Tuesday (16/5) that all this time, the land has been one of the components that creates the expensive values of houses. If the government could take control of land areas, land prices can be controlled automatically. Syarif added that it is needed to prevent a drastic hike in land prices since it has been increased uncontrollably. He said that it could double in just a month because of the market mechanism. Nothing can stop that force. With property banks, according to Syarif, land prices would not increase purely based on market’s pressure. Currently, the Agrarian and Spatial Planning Ministry is in the process of drafting a presidential regulation on property banks. The Ministry is scheduled to present the bill draft to Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Darmin Nasution in the next two weeks. The property bank operator is expected to be a land keeper, land purchaser, and land distributor. (tempo)

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