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The nationalism insight of Indonesian people need to be strengthened

VOI NEWS 12.07.2017, 13:00 Local Time, GMT +7

Intolerant action that leads to radicalism action has distracted sense of nationalism in the social  life in Indonesia  recently. The education of nationalism values  is expected to be a solution to deal with intolerance by giving optimal understanding for students as the next generation of the nation. It was said by Muslim Scholar, Azyumardi Azra at the 2nd National Dialogue themed  Education Strengthening Nationalism at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences in Jakarta  on Tuesday. He said to produce generations who love Indonesian national values should firstly by strengthening the comprehension of tolerance values for teachers.

"The cooperation with Ministry of Education and Culture and Religious Ministry to train teachers about Indonesian nationalism which must be strengthened. We are not pessimistic about the future of Indonesia, however we must strengthen the nationalism on various lines in accordance with our positions."

Meanwhile, Researcher of the Population Research Center of LIPI, Makmuri Sukarno said building nationalism values through education must be done continuously. He explained the education as the strategic media to internalize the nationalism spirit and tolerant behavior ///AF//VOI

Health Minister Remind People to Consume More Fish

The low number of blood donors in Indonesia has come to government’s attention. Health Minister Nila Moeloek said on Tuesday in Jakarta that the lack of blood donors is caused by the low intake of protein in the daily diet. According her, such issue can be overcome by increasing the amount of fish consumption. She said that Indonesia is a marine country that has a great fish potential. This, according to her, should be utilized in an effort to increase protein consumption for increasing the number of blood donors in Indonesia.

"We are pushing the consumption of protein not only from meat but also from fish. 70 percent of our country is waters. And we are thankful that our sea provides more protein. We even can get protein from freshwater fish."

Earlier, Minister of Marine and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti has campaigned the importance of fish consumption for the community. She mentioned that Indonesia’s fish consumption has increase in 2016 with 43 kilogram per capita compared to the previous year with only 36 kilogram per capita. This, according to Minister Susi, shows the increasing fish potential of the country// ndy/edit r

Health Minister Push Encourages People to Donate Blood

Health Minister Nila Moeloek encouraged people to donate blood. In her remarks in the Commemoration of World Blood Donor Day 2017 entitled ‘What can you do? Give blood, Give now, Give often’ Tuesday in Jakarta Minister Nila Moeloek stressed the importance of educating people about the importance of blood for people's lives.

"Blood is not a material we can make. It is a biological material produced by our own body. That's the problem. Nothing can make blood. And this blood is what we need. We thank the donors. And second we still give awareness to the public how important to be a donor. These two points may be worthy of our appreciation in the world blood donor commemoration."

Based on the World Health Organization standard, the minimum blood demand in Indonesia is around 5.1 million blood bags per year or about 2 percent of Indonesia's population. While the production of blood and its components currently reached 4.1 million bags of 3.4 million donations. 90 percent of the amount come from voluntary donations. Related to that, Health Minister Nila Moeloek explained that the government made cooperation program between Community Health Center (Puskesmas), blood transfusion unit (UTD) and hospital in blood service to reduce maternal mortality rate. The program was established to ensure the availability of sufficient blood for pregnant women and childbirth. Currently 2,394 Community Health Centers in 123 District Health Offices have signed a memorandum of understanding with UTD and Hospital// Ndy/edit r


Indonesia becomes the guest on the prestigious arts and cultures festival, Europhalia Festival on October 10, 2017 until January 21, 2018 in 8 countries in Europe. The festival is part of cultural diplomacy to introduce Indonesian culture diversity to the world, which is tolerant, democracy and modern but still uphold culture and arts meaning. Indonesian various cultures through the medias of movement, sound, installation or artifact will be displayed in the festival which will be held in 8 European countries. One thing that will be displayed in the festival is Achipel exhibition. In a press briefing that was held at the National Museum Jakarta on Tuesday July 11, 2017, member of the expert team of Erophalia, Singgih Trisulistiono explained that Indonesia has been known as the maritime country since the beginning. The maritime culture product that has high value of arts will be displayed in the Archipel exhibiton.

“Indeed, Indonesia is a nation without comparison in the world. It means that since the beginning Indonesia has been known  as a maritime country. Diaspora or migration of the Austronesia’s ancestor from Southeast Asia only use small  boat discovered not only to Indonesia but also to another parts of the world. Indonesian achestor diaspora in 3000 BC (before Christ) was the most spectacular human in the world.”

Singgih Trisulistiono further explained the Archipel exhibition shows Indonesian maritime culture, shipping technology, navigation knowledge and tradition diversities. Several items that will be displayed in the exhibition represent Indonesian 4 periode of History. Cultural products that will also be displayed namely Ganesha artifact, Padewakang boat, also ancient historical products such as nekara, drum and bronze. According to Singgih, almost all arts and cultural products in Indonesia are the exchange products that shows Indonesia as an open nation// Sekar.Trs.NK


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