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Ma’ruf Amin Emphasizes Importance of Dialogue And Dzikir to Maintain National Integrity

VOI NEWS 10.00 LOCAL TIME, GMT+7, 14-07-2017

Chairman of Indonesian Ulema Council KH Ma’ruf Amin on Thursday (13/7) in Jakarta said that dialog and prayer are two measures to maintain national integrity. In his speech at the National Meeting of Ulemas of the Prayer Group Hubbul Wathon, Ma'ruf Amin said, the Indonesian nation has been formed based on the agreement of all citizens to promise to keep the unity of Indonesia. However, according to him, the unity of the Indonesian nation was being disturbed by the existence of radical groups who wants to separate themselves from Indonesia. Therefore, he emphasized the importance of dialogue and dzikir to maintain national unity.

“Therefore we must strive to unite the nation through institutions we posses namely state institutions, social institutions and religious institutions. The prayer group Hubbul Wathon is a place to make that effort by means of two things. First, national dialogues, and also dzikir or mass chants in praise of God, prayer and mass prayer,” said Ma'ruf Amin.

KH Maruf Amin further stated the importance of ulema’s role in maintaining national integrity. According to him ulemas have a big responsibility not only to guard the religion and people, but also to guard the state and nation. Therefore, according to him, the ulemas should take the initiative when the country is experiencing disobedience. He also expressed his admiration for the first President of Indonesia Soekarno who was able to formulate Pancasila as a unifying form of the nation amid the pluralism. Around 700 Ulemas of the prayer group Hubbul Wathon attended the national meeting. (Ndy/edit r)


Indonesia offers railway track, seaport projects to S Korean investors

Indonesia has offered the construction projects of railway tracks and seaports to South Korean investors at the 8th meeting of the ASEAN-ROK Transport Cooperation Forum held in Seoul from July 12 to 14. Secretary General of the Indonesian Transportation Ministry Sugihardjo said in a press statement released on Thursday (13/7) that Indonesia had offered the projects during the business meeting with several Korean companies interested in investing in Indonesia. In his opening address to the meeting, the Korean deputy minister of land, infrastructure and transportation stressed the commitment of his government to help ASEAN countries, particularly in the transportation sector. The theme of the forum is "Building a Better ASEAN Transport System for the Era of the 4th Industrial Revolution." As the chief of the Indonesian delegation to the meeting, Sugihardjo spoke of technology development to support connectivity growth in Indonesia. He also revealed a list of potential projects that the country could offer to foreign investors as a result of cooperation between the government and corporate bodies. (Antara)


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