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Indonesian President Joko Widodo Invites cooperatives community re-energize the spirit of cooperative movement

VOI NEWS, 13:00 LOCAL TIME, GMT+7, 13.07.2017

Indonesian President Joko Widodo invites all cooperatives to re-inflame the spirit of the cooperative movement on the commemoration of the 70th National Cooperative Day in 2017.  President Joko Widodo will put the Cooperative as one of the important people's economic institutions in facing the challenges of the future. It was conveyed by President Joko Widodo at the peak of the 70th National Cooperative Day in Karebosi Square, Makassar, South Sulawesi, on Wednesday (12/7). The President reminded that the national cooperative activators are not afraid to compete with other economic  actors. The strong and independent cooperative, believed to be able to compete with large corporations and State-Owned Enterprises. The spirit makes the cooperative as a common strength, and mutual cooperation will be able to compete and quickly adapt to the times. 

“On the 70th Cooperative Day 2017, I would like to invite all cooperative actors  in Indonesia to reaffirm, to reinvigorate the spirit of the cooperative movement, the spirit of cooperative reform. So that with the rapid global changes we can follow. The cooperative then will also be able to competewith private companies, corporations, and State Owned Entreprises. Because the opportunity is on our eyes,” said the President.

In its development, President Joko Widodo appreciated the number of Indonesian cooperatives that could serve as a model for other cooperatives in developing their business activities. The President hopes, in the future, the contribution of cooperative to the Indonesian economy can be improved, following the progress of some foreign countries. The contribution of cooperative to the Indonesia's Gross Domestic Product is 3.99//   trs-yati


In 2018, development at the border to focus on social infrastructure

In 2018, development in the border areas will focus on social infrastructure which includes the construction of community health centers, traditional markets and school buildings. This was stated by Minister of Home Affairs, Tjahjo Kumolo while attending the coordination meeting of border management control of the country in 2017 in Jakarta on Wednesday (12/7/2017).

“…Development of social infrastructure covers 187 border districts. If Ministry of Communication and Informatics has already completed its roaming, all right. How are the assistant health center, traditional markets, and primary schools (?). So, there is an increase in welfare,” said the Minister.

Minister Tjahjo Kumolo added that the development of social infrastructure in the border region in 2018 is also followed by strengthening the defense sector. Meanwhile, the development of economic infrastructure by the relevant ministries in the border region is now almost completed with 99 percent achievement. Minister Tjahjo Kumolo views that the government is targeting various economic and social infrastructure developments in the border region as the implementation of the national strategic program that can run on time// (KBRI-Nrl/Trs.Yati)


Investors asked to comply with Sanur Development Policy

Sanur develops to be one of the favorite destinations in Bali. The tourism destination is projected to be an object with an upper middle market share. Chairman of the Sanur Development Foundation, Ida Bagus Gde Sidharta Putra told RRI in Sanur on Wednesday (12/7/2017) that Denpasar Mayor Ida Bagus Rai Dharma Wijaya Mantra has issued a regulation on sanitary development zonation. The regulation is the corridor of investors in building tourism accommodation in Sanur. 

"…Finally, mayor regulation is issued; there are zoning and criteria about development. Take for example; zone one is thirty meters square. The height of building must be three floors and every zone must have one tree. The building coefficient base is only forty percent. The rule has already issued. So, we keep controlling it through the people," said Ida Bagus.

Ida Bagus Gde Sidharta Putra admitted that some investors have tried to misapply the rule. This is evident from the construction of several hotels in Sanur, which ignore the mayor’s regulation No. 6/2016 on the zoning of the strategic area of Sanur. He hopes that the public will play an active role in reporting tourist accommodation in Sanur that is inappropriate with the rules. The reporting will be submitted to the Denpasar city government. So, this can be followed up in accordance with to the applicable regulations. (KBRN-Nrl/Trans by Yati)


2nd Indonesian Weekend to be held in London

The Indonesian Weekend to be held at Potters Field Park, London, England on July 22 and 23, 2017. The event, which aims to introduce Indonesia's tourism, cultural and culinary destinations was held for the first time in 2016 and successfully attracted more than 30 thousand visitors from 50 countries. This year, second Indonesian Weekend will show the warm atmosphere of Indonesia with the theme of a beach party. Director of Heritage and Cultural Diplomacy, Directorate-General of Culture at Ministry of Education and Culture, Nadjamuddin Ramly at the Press Conference held on Wednesday, July 12 explained that Indonesian Weekend is intended to introduce the Indonesian culture to not only British society, but also foreign citizens visiting the UK.

“…With regard to our cultural diplomacy with Great Britain, Indonesia is already very popular. But this Indonesian Weekend is intended for the neighboring countries in the United Kingdom. So, they can learn about Indonesian culture,” said Ramly.

Nadjamuddin Ramly further explained, Pencak Silat Indonesia will be presented at the event. In addition, there are also demonstrations to cook Indonesian food such as Rendang, Soto Betawi and Gado-gado. The music of Angklung, the traditional game of Gasing, mask dance and Jaipong dance will enliven the Indonesian Weekend which will lay out the iconic building of The Tower Bridge. The tattoo artist, Kent will showcase his skills in lifting Dayak and Mentawai motifs. On the same occasion, the Assistant Deputy of European, Middle Eastern, American and African Market Development, Ministry of Tourism, Nia Niscaya explained, British tourist arrivals to Indonesia are the highest compared to other European countries. This year, the Ministry of Tourism targets a visit of 380 thousand British tourists to Indonesia. In 3 to 4 months, there have been already 150 thousand British tourist visits// (Skr)

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