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President Joko Widodo inaugurates Maros market

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President Joko Widodo inaugurated and inspected the Maros Baru People's Market in Pallantikang, Maros Baru Sub-district, Maros District, South Sulawesi Province on Thursday, July 13th. Accompanied by South Sulawesi Governor, Syahrul Yasin Limpo, the President signed an inscription for the inauguration of the new market and later toured around an hour and interacted with several vendors. The market is spread over a one-hectare land and has 278 indoor units, 44 stalls, 56 dry stalls, 40 wet stalls, manager room, prayer room, toilet and nursing areas, as well as smoking room. Later on the same day, President Joko Widodo and his entourage leaf Makassar for Balikpapan for a work visit to East Kalimantan Province. South Sulawesi Governor, Syahrul Yasin Limpo said he had made preparations for the inauguration of the market by the head of state. (ROL)

President Joko Widodo hands out land certificate in Kalimantan

President Joko Widodo personally distributed 1.535 land ownership certificates for residents in North and East Kalimantan on Thursday (July 13th). The government is committed to providing its people the legal certainty of land ownership. The President remarked that many plots of land in Indonesia are not equipped with certificates of ownership. Of the 126 hectares of land, only 46 hectares of lands own the legal certificate. The President also stated that currently, there is only 33 percent certified area in Indonesia. Thus, he pushes Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture and Spatial Planning to work hard in certifying the rest of uncertified areas. He said, it needs a day and night’s worth of hard work to complete the process. The President also acknowledges the importance of land certification for the welfare of Indonesian people, which is usually used as a guarantee in applying for mortgages. (Tempo)

National Dialogue: The students in Egypt expected to continue their ideas

Students have a major role in nation building. This is revealed in the Nationality Dialogue with the theme “Student Synergy with the Government in Regional Development” held in Cairo, Egypt on Thursday (July 13). The National Dialogue was organized by the Banten Student Family (KMB) in Egypt by presenting a number of key figures, including the Chairman of Serang Regional House of Representatives, Muhsinin and Mulya Rahmatullah, who are Al Azhar alumni from Banten. Chairman of the Serang Educational Information Foundation, Mulya Rahmatullah on the sidelines of the National Dialogue at Al-Azhar University, told RRI that students can contribute to regional development through various means, such as giving ideas and suggestions to the government, and continuing what has been built or pioneered in Egypt.

“Let’s try together to sustain that the principle of Dakwah, ideas in this Egyptian ideals should not run aground at Soekarno Hatta airport, but this is a new spirit to continue in Indonesia.”

Mulya Rahmatullah further explained that students also act as culturists or cultural builders, such as developing the culture of Banten in accordance with the universal culture that comes from Islamic values. Next, students work together with the government to create well-ordered society. Mulya added that Da'wah conducted by Al Azhar alumni in the country can be done continuously both in school and in boarding schools. Mulya appreciated this new event for the first time on which the students presented ideas for regional development, especially for Banten. (Wati trans by Rezha)

50 years of ASEAN, Indonesia wants to improve public involvement in ASEAN

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. A.M. Fachir said that during the 50th anniversary of ASEAN, ASEAN needs to improve public involvement. To the media after opening the 50th ASEAN Symposium at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jakarta, on Thursday, July 13, he explained that the people of ASEAN member countries have already benefited from ASEAN but they have not felt it. He views that in the future, people should enjoy real benefits from ASEAN and more participate. He added that Indonesia always puts togetherness and consensus and it has a major role in boosting public participation in ASEAN.

“Our purpose is more and more stake holders that we involve in the process, especially participation especially in this case is welfare, especially in terms of economic progress.”

A.M. Fachir further explained, Indonesia has a very large number of middle class and young generations. This becomes Indonesia's potential to be empowered. He also remarked that the symposium held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to commemorate the 50th anniversary of ASEAN is one of the efforts to further boost public involvement in determining policy in ASEAN. Later, the results of the symposium will be brought to the ASEAN ministers' summit in the Philippines next August. (Sekar)

Police arrest another terrorist suspect in Bandung

Indonesian Police anti-terrorist squad -Densus 88 have arrested another terrorist suspect linked to AW who was caught earlier after his can bomb exploded in Buahbatu, Bandung, West Java. West Java police spokesman Senior Commissioner, Yusri Yunus said in Bandung on Thursday (July 13th) that AR was arrested for allegedly being involved in the can bomb case. He said AR was caught on Jalan Bandir in the village of Manggunghardjo, Ciparay, Bandung district. He is believed to have helped make the can bomb that had exploded before it was intentionally to be exploded in Bandung city. Yusri added that AR is the relative of AW who has been arrested earlier in Buahbatu. The police have also arrested AAS and K earlier revealing a new terrorist cell following the explosion of a can bomb at AW’s house in Buahbatu. (Ant)

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