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Lampung Festival 2017 to be held again

Lampung Festival 2017 to be held again

The annual event of Lampung Krakatau Festival 2017 will be held on 25th to 27th August 2017 in Bandar Lampung and South Lampung. The Festival which aims to promote and increase tourist visit to Lampung Province will take the theme "The Glory of Lampung Crown". The 27th Lampung Krakatau Festival was launched by Tourism Minister, Arief Yahya at the Ministry of Tourism Buliding in Jakarta on Monday (August 7th). After the launching ceremony, Lampung Governor Ridho Ficardo told the media that the festival is expected to attract 30 thousand tourist arrivals. Currently, the festival is targeted to increase local tourist visits, but the future is expected to become an international event.

 “We raised this festival to be a featured festival. I hope that this momentum of Krakatau festival also attracts many people, and glorify the name. So, in the future it can also become an international festival,” said Arief Yahya.

Ridho Ficardo further explained, there are three main activities at the Festival Lampung Krakatau such as Krakatau historic tourism and the carnival of Lampung’s traditional cloth -Tapis. Ridho added, tourist visits to the province of Lampung every year continues to increase. In 2015, 115 thousand foreign tourists visited Lampung or increased by 95 thousand foreign tourists compared to 2014. He views that most foreign tourists are from Australia. West Coast Lampung becomes the favorite location of foreign tourists to do surfing. On November 2017, the government of Lampung province will hold Way Kambas Festival in East Lampung. (Skr)








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