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President Reminds Public Order Officers on Service Quality

VOI NEWS 11.00 LOCAL TIME, GMT+7, 09-08-2017

President Joko Widodo reminded the graduated of the Institute of Public Administration (IPDN)2017 on high public expectation of the quality of public services. This was conveyed in the inauguration ceremony of the Graduated of the Institute of Public Administration (IPDN) 2017 at IPDN Campus in Jatinangor on Tuesday (8/8). 2014 students were graduated in the ceremony. The president said the public will not hesitate to criticize unsatisfactory public services. However, according to him, the graduated must make such criticism as input to implement bureaucratic reform.

“Make public criticism as a source for improvement, as material for implementing bureaucratic reform to fulfill the duty. It has become the duty of the government to serve the community,” said President Joko Widodo.

President Joko Widodo said further, technological advances due to the progress of the times have also affected various sectors of life. President Joko Widodo reminded the young Public Order Officers to be able to adapt to various progress as well as to be a driver for change. He said the technological progress should be able to shorten the public service system to improve bureaucracy reform in the country. (andy/trans: r)


Vice President JK Encourages Strengthening Trade of ASEAN Countries

Entering 50 years of ASEAN, Indonesia is encouraging other ASEAN member countries to strengthen cooperation in trade and avoid conflict that would harm ASEAN member countries.

It was said by Vice President Jusuf Kalla at the Vice President's office in Jakarta on Tuesday (8/8).

“Indonesia is a big country, but in ASEAN the small and big countries have the same rights. We are trying to influence them for the sake of the region. Related to the South China Sea issue, we should not hesitate as well. Surely China will not bring it to conflict because conflict would harm the China’s trade itself, because 60 percent of China’s trade passes over the South China Sea,” said Jusuf Kalla.

In the 50th anniversary of ASEAN, Vice President Jusuf Kalla expressed his hope that the 10 member countries would strengthen cooperation in various sectors, especially economic cooperation amid the weakening of global economy. (rizki/trans: r)


President Duterte Calls for ASEAN Unity in Fight Against Corruption

At the age of 50 ASEAN countries must unite in fight against corruption and transnational crimes. It was said by the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte in his opening remarks at the commemoration of the 50. Anniversary of ASEAN on Tuesday, August 8 in Manila.

“We want our region that is secure, where our people can live without fear from the lawless elements and the debilitating effects of corruption and transnational crimes. We want a region that is stable, where democratic institutions work,” said Rodrigo Duterte.

In front of the Foreign Ministers of 10 ASEAN member countries and ASEAN partner countries President Duterte said further that the ASEAN governments must work together with the private sector to help solve poverty within the region. On the occasion Duterte awarded plaques of recognition to the descendants and representatives of the founding fathers. The celebration also recognized the "heroes of ASEAN," or those who had valuable contributions in the fields of biodiversity conservation and protection, youth entrepreneurship, and research and development in rice science and technology. (VOI/retno/edit r)



Government to launch new economic policy package

The government will launch the new Economic Policy Package on ease of investments in Indonesia, ahead of its 72nd Independence Day. Economy Coordinator Minister Darmin Nasution said at the Presidential Palace in Jakarta on Tuesday (8/8) that the new policy package will be announced before August 17, 2017. According to him would the 16. Economic policy package not necessarily be revealed during the President’s national address to the Parliament. The minister remarked that the address only covers major issues. The package is more technical. He also stressed that the last 15 packages that were announced earlier had been implemented and were ongoing. Darmin stated that the new policy would push investments and improve the economic development in the second semester of 2017. He revealed that the government will launch a big program to accelerate the investment program. All the permits required at the central and municipal level will be accommodated in a single model. This may be announced in a week, and it will be part of the economic package. According to him, the major task of the government would be to reduce the products in the restricted list. (antara)


North Kalimantan to build Pesawan Seaport in 2018

The provincial government of North Kalimantan will begin the construction of the Pesawan Seaport in Bulungan District in 2018. Governor of North Kalimantan Irianto Lambrie noted in a statement Tuesday (8/8) that the seaport will have a 450-meter-long dock capable of accommodating at least four ships at once. To be located in an area measuring 60 hectares, he remarked that the seaport will better facilitate the loading and unloading of goods. Supporting facilities, such as warehouses, passenger terminal, and custom and excise offices, will also be built surrounding the seaport area. The construction of the Pesawan Seaport is part of a sea toll program serving the route connecting Tanjung Selor, the capital of North Kalimantan, with Surabaya, East Java Province. Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi is scheduled to visit North Kalimantan this week to inspect the construction site of the Pesawan seaport. (antara)


Indonesia rejects Malaysia`s PSSA requests on Kukup, Piai

Indonesia has rejected Malaysia’s proposal on the Particularly Sensitive Sea Area (PSSA) in Kukup Island and Piai Bay, as the two countries have yet to reach an agreement on settling their borders. Maritime Coordinating Ministry’s Law Deputy Assistant Budi Purwanto said on Tuesday (8/8) that the island and the bay are located in the border areas between Indonesia and Malaysia. The discussion between the two countries has not yet finished. During a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on the Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) at Lombok Strait, Purwanto explained that although the bay and the island reportedly lay in Johor, Malaysia, the waters nearby were in the border areas of Riau islands, Indonesia. The two countries, according to Purwanto, were still discussing the coastline of the island and the bay. Hence, before the International Maritime Organization (IMO) approved the request, the Indonesian government decided to convey the disagreement to Malaysia. Before being approved by the IMO, Malaysia needs some support from the neighboring countries, including Indonesia. Malaysia proposed the request on PSSA of the two locations during a meeting of the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MPEC) held by IMO earlier in London in July. (antara)


Pencak silat reflects nation`s character: President

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) believes that Pencak Silat is part of Indonesias national cultural heritage and one of the forms of the nations character. President Jokowi formally opened the Teenage National Pencak Silat Championship ASAD 2017 on Tuesday (8/8) at the Minhaajurrosyidiin Islamic Boarding School in Jakarta. On the same occasion, Jokowi also greeted some religious leaders of the school. Jokowi highlighted that Pencak Silat, a form of martial arts that originated in Indonesia, is globally well-known. Hence, Pencak Silat, as a form of the nation’s character, is a cultural heritage that needs to be preserved. He noted that without the awareness to preserve the tradition of Pencak Silat, people would lose the nation’s character, and should preserve it together. President Jokowi believes that Pencak Silat is a way to demonstrate ones work ethics and productivity to all. Moreover, Pencak Silat can help develop a spirit of competitiveness, especially among youngsters. (antara)

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