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Russia launches its mission to ASEAN in Jakarta

VOI NEWS  10.8.2017  09:00 Local Time  GMT+7

The Russian Federation has launched its mission to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations -ASEAN in Jakarta on Wednesday.
Russia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov carried out the launch of the establishment in Jakarta on Wednesday. He stated in his keynote speech while opening the ceremony that the launch of Russian Permanent Mission once again confirms that cooperation with ASEAN is Russian foreign policy priority as far as the Asia-Pacific region is concerned.
He believed that it also confirms Russia’s commitment to boost dialogue and diplomatic approaches with ASEAN and take the partnership to the strategic level. (Ant)


ASEAN Welcomes Russian Mission for ASEAN
Meanwhile, Secretary General of the ASEAN, Le Luong Minh is confident about Russia’s dedication to the ASEAN through the establishment of the country’s mission to the Association. He believed that this demonstrates the effort to further enhance the cooperation between Russia and the ASEAN in future, as Russia had promised to renew its corporations that had already been established in the ASEAN region.
According to report from Russia’s News Agency -TASS, the Russian Foreign Affairs Minister, Sergey Lavrov pointed out that the mission is expected to carry out ambitious tasks. Minister Sergey also said that one of them is to ensure the effective activities of the Russia-ASEAN cooperation committee, while the second task is to contribute to the development of tools aimed at boosting cooperation between the permanent representatives of ASEAN members. (Ant)

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