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ASEAN Economic Development must be equitable

VOI NEWS 09.08.2017, 14.00 LOCAL TIME, GMT+7

Countries joined in ASEAN celebrated the 50th anniversary of ASEAN Declaration on August 8, 1967.  The commemoration must be done with concrete efforts to intensify the equitable development for ASEAN countries. That was stated by Researcher of the Economic Research Center, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Zamroni, on an event themed “Encouraging Responsible Development in ASEAN” in LIPI Building Jakarta on Tuesday. 

"On the 50th ASEAN anniversary as well as the future development of ASEAN, firstly the economic development particularly in the ASEAN regions must be equitable physically or non physically. the benefits can be enjoyed by everyone, especially enterpreneurs, both small, middle or big entrepreneurs.  Secondly is how we improve the acceleration of development through connectivity, particularly physical connectivity as one of the ways to improve the production and economic integrity through the physical development connectivity, and it must be equitable," he said. 

Moreover, Zamroni also stated that ASEAN countries must be able to work together to accelerate the economic development.  The ASEAN member countries  must also be capable to encourage peace and security  stability in the ASEAN territory// Ahmad Faisal.VOI


The Readiness of ASEANTA to Support ASEAN Community Development in Tourism Sector 

As one of the non-profit organizations in Southeast Asia focusing in tourism field, the ASEAN Tourism Association (ASEANTA) will continue to support the development of Community-based ASEAN Community especially in improving people-to-people relations in tourism sector. This was conveyed by ASEANTA President Sam Cheah in his speech at the 30th ASEANTA Awards for Excellence and Post Tour 2017 event in Jakarta on Tuesday (7/8).

 "ASEANTA is the non profit organization presented by national tourism association such as the travel and tourist, transportation, restaurant, airlines, and NGOs of ASEAN nations. ASEANTA is the society organization created by ASEAN Secretariat to help promote the development of people oriented ASEAN Community in the tourism," he said.


Sam Cheah added that he expects the improvement of people-to-people relationship in ASEAN Community can be improved continuously. Because with the increasing of people to people relationship will create a cooperation that will be developed into ASEAN single destination or ASEAN as an integrated tourism destinations// Rezha/Edt.N 



The Directorate General of Immigration facilitate Residence License Service ofForeigners

---- In order to simplify the immigration services for foreigners, the Directorate General of Immigration, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights initiated the online services.Secretary of Directorate General of Immigration, FriementAruan in a press conference held on Tuesday(8/8)  in Jakarta explained that this online service is provided for foreigners who will make a visa for the interest of work or investment. Through this online policy, in addition to facilitate, it is to accelerate the management time. All of these services start from the immigration office level up tothe regional office of immigration division will be done paperless.

"The immigration service from immigration office level at regional level until the Directorate General of Immigration which has been served with mail system will be served with paperless. Therefore, the applications which are submitted to the immigration office can be monitored in the immigration division at the same time, and it can also be monitored at the Directorate General of Immigration,so they can give the same response," he said.

Friment Aruan further explained that this facility can also be enjoyed by foreigners who will administer their visas at the Indonesian Representatives Office abroad. On the same occasion, the Director General of Immigration,Ronny F Sompie explained that the foreign workers can obtainlicense no later than two days, then their residence license will be issued//   Sekar/Trs.Irna


80% Tourists Traveling to Indonesia by Air

---- Air transportation plays an important role in the tourism industry in Indonesia. As one of the archipelagic countries in Southeast Asia, tourist visits to Indonesia relied on air transportation. It was noted that 80% of total visits and tourism activities in Indonesia are using air transportation. This was conveyed by Indonesian Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya in his speech at the gala dinner of 30th ASEANTA Awards for Excellence and Post Tour 2017 in Jakarta, Tuesday (8/8).

"Indonesia as an archipelago country expanding 5.000 km from east to west and 1.700 km from north to south. That means airlines take an important part on tourism in Indonesia. As 80% of the traveller go to and around Indonesia by air. Another 19% is by sea and only one percent overland," he said. 

Minister Arief Yahya added that the highest number of the use of air transportation makes the development of airtransportation becomes one of the main focuses of tourism industry improvement in Indonesia. Therefore the Minister said his ministry will continue to cooperate with various parties including airlines to develop tourism industry in Indonesia// Ndy/Rezha/trs.Nadia/Edt.N


President Reminds Public Order Officers on Service Quality

Indonesian President  Joko Widodo reminded the graduated of the Institute of Public Administration (IPDN)2017 on high public expectation of the quality of public services. This was conveyed in the inauguration ceremony of the Graduated of the Institute of Public Administration (IPDN) 2017 at IPDN Campus in Jatinangor on Tuesday. 2,014 students were graduated in the ceremony. The president said the public will not hesitate to criticize unsatisfactory public services. However, according to him, the graduated must make such criticism as input to implement bureaucratic reform.

"Make public criticism as a source for improvement, as material for implementing bureaucratic reform to fulfill the duty. It has become the duty of the government to serve the community," he said.  

President Joko Widodo further said, technological advances due to the progress of the times have also affected various sectors of life. President Joko Widodo reminded the young Public Order Officers is able to adaptin various progress as well as to be a driver for change. He said the technological progress should be able to shorten the public service system to improve bureaucracy reform in the country// (ndy/trans: r)


Young Civil Servant Should Increase Indonesia’s Achievement.

---- Indonesian President Joko Widodo asserted the importance of efforts to improve the progress that has been achieved by Indonesia so far. Speaking in front of graduate of Young Civil Servants, Institute of Public Administration (IPDN) year 2017, at IPDN campus, Tuesday in Sumedang, West Java, the President mentioned several achievements which has been reached by Indonesia including Ease of Business Rank that rose from rank 106 in 2016 to rank 91 in 2017. In addition, the Gallup World Poll survey also shows high public confidence in the government. In the survey, Indonesia and Switzerland were ranked at the top with 80 percent. The achievement is also supported by the rise of Human Development Index in Indonesia into High Human Development category. The President wants that achievement can be further increased by the Young Civil Servant in their devotion to society through the creation of positive governance.

"All of the things are not only to maintain but you have to improve. We must advance. We have to develop well. And as a Young Civil Servant you should be at the forefront of change of mindset, in changing attitude patterns and changing systems and good governance," the President said.

President Joko Widodo further explained that Young Civil Servant is a millennial generation who is expected to be able to present the revolution on various fields. Therefore, the President hopes that Young Civil Servant can work more creative by putting forward various breakthroughs.The President  also reminded the Young Civil Servant  toput forward the unity in the middle of the existing diversity// (Ndy)


President Duterte Calls for ASEAN Unity in Fight Against Corruption

At the age of 50, ASEAN countries must unite to fight against corruption and transnational crimes. It was said by President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte in his opening remarks at the commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of ASEAN on Tuesday, August 8 in Manila.

"We want our region that is secure, where our people can live without fear from the lawless elements and the debilitating effects of corruption and transnational crimes. We want a region that is stable, where democratic institutions work," he said.

In front of the Foreign Ministers of 10 ASEAN member countries and ASEAN partner countries President Duterte further said that the ASEAN governments must work together with the private sector to help solve poverty within the region. On the occasion, Duterte awarded plaques of recognition to the descendants and representatives of the founding fathers. The celebration also recognized the "heroes of ASEAN," or those who had valuable contributions in the fields of biodiversity conservation and protection, youth entrepreneurship, as well as research and development in science and technology// (VOI/retno/edt)

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