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Inaugurating Keris Museum, President Invites Young Generation to Preserve Indonesian Culture

Inaugurating Keris Museum, President Invites Young Generation to Preserve Indonesian Culture

Indonesian President Joko Widodo inaugurated the Keris Nusantara Museum, in Surakarta, Central Java on Wednesday. In his speech, President Joko Widodo said the construction of Keris Museum is aimed to remind the young generation towardIndonesian culture. He said, Keris is a nation's cultural heritage that has a high philosophy value that should not be abandoned by the younger generation. To preserve Keris as a culture of the Indonesian nation, the President moreover said not only to enjoy the work of the Empu Keris but also immerse the philosophical meaning contained by the Keris. According toPresident Joko Widodo the existence of Keris Nusantara Museum is a form of appreciation for the art of culture to be a source of inspiration for the high value owned by the Indonesian nation.

"We are not only able to see the beauty of the work of the Empu Keris in the past, but also can immerse the philosophy of each Keris. We must remember that museum and history are our window in staring the past to  step optimisticallyin welcome the future.  I hope this Keris Nusantara museum can be a manifestation of our appreciation to the cultural arts as well as a source of inspiration," the President said. 

Keris Nusantara Museum was built on the initiative of President Joko Widodo while he served as the mayor of Surakarta. The establishment of this museum was based on the inauguration of Indonesian Keris as the world cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2005. Mayor of Surakarta, FX. Rudiyatmo explained, Keris Nusantara Museum currently has 409 collections of Keris and other traditional weapons. Of the total collection of Keris and traditional weapons in the Keris Nusantara Museum, 348 pieces collected from all regions in Indonesia while 61 pieces of traditional weapons in the museum is a deposit from several collectors of Indonesian traditional weapons// (Ndy)


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