Home News President Joko Widodo reminds scientists through rapid social changes

President Joko Widodo reminds scientists through rapid social changes

President Joko Widodo reminds scientists through rapid social changes                                         

President Joko Widodo again reminded the rapid changes of the times that have brought about implications on all aspects of life, including social structure. In his speech at the opening of the International Conference on Business Economics and Social Sciences in Sukoharjo, Central Java, the President said that social scientists should be able to anticipate the social changes along with the government by preparing a policy framework in both the economic, political and social fields. President Joko Widodo urges social scientists to expand their research on policies that can be taken in a bid to anticipate the social changes. He also said that the anticipation is also included through the method of learning in schools and colleges.

Insert: Dubbing (PB): “…And once again, the college subjects, that have been already taught, should not be monotonous, linear, we need to adjust to the developments that occur. The method of learning in the classroom must also change. Because alternative sources of information today are abundant. It’s very abundant and we can find them. By preparing since the beginning of anticipation of the change, I am sure the social science will make a huge contribution to the progress of our nation, Indonesia.”

The 4th International Conference for Business Economics and Social Sciences by Sebelas Maret University was held in collaboration among Sebelas Maret University, the Association of Doctoral Programs Management of Indonesia (APDMI) and the Indonesian Society for the Development of Social Affairs (HIPIIS). Rector of Sebelas Maret University, Ravik Karsidi confirmed that the conference is a means to disseminate research results in the field of business, economics and other social studies and to improve the quality of scientific research and publications// (Ndy/Trs by Nadia)


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