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RRI President Director Confirms Neutrality of RRI

VOI NEWS 09.00 LOCAL TIME, GMT+7, 11-09-2017

In 72 years Radio Republik Indonesia RRI maintains its support to the state not certain parties. It was said by the President Director of RRI, Mohammad Rohanuddin on the sidelines of Costume Ethnic Fun Run  held by RRI in Jakarta on Sunday (10/9), in commemoration of the 72nd Anniversary of RRI. Rohanuddin said the event was a symbol of the nation’s unity.

Mohammad Rohanuddin said further that in 72 years, RRI is not only a national radio station but also an important instrument that has a major role in the history of Indonesia's development. The neutrality of RRI that is not distracted by certain interests was not found in other radio stations. According to him this should be maintained forever. (wima/alika/edit r)


Central Govt To Increase Fish Consumption Per Capita

Central Government attempts to increase the number of fish consumption by launching several programs ranging from 'Let’s Eat Fish' (gemar makan ikan) campaign, farming, to technology. Presidential Chief of Staff Teten Masduki said in Sukabumi over the weekend that the government has to admit that the number of fish consumption in Indonesia is still low. Because of that, the government through Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries keeps on promoting let’s eat fish program. Indonesia has great potential in fisheries. However, due to the people’s habit of consuming beef and chicken, they are not attracted to fish despite the fact that it is more nutritious. If Indonesians consume fish regularly, it will boost food security. He added that beef consumption is very high and it causes the government to import 1 million cows each year. It will continue to increase since the growth of population will lead to higher beef consumption. That is why Indonesia as a maritime country needs to consume this source of protein for the sake of food security. (tempo)

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