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VP Kalla: Govt Wants KPK To Stay Up and Running

VOI NEWS 11.00 LOCAL TIME, GMT+7, 11-09-2017

Vice President Jusuf Kalla said that the government still wants to keep Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to perform a battle against corruption. Vice President said during his visit to Astana, Kazakhstan over the weekend that government wants to keep KPK and to make it even stronger. If the Corruption Eradication Commission is to be suspended, then amendment to the law needs to be carried out. Government needs to maintain independence, he continued, and does not want to interfere with the commission’s internal affairs. The institution is expected to resolve issues and stay in coordination. He added that government cannot interfere internal affairs, the commission has its own procedures as regulated by the law. (tempo)


Palembang to Increase Tourism Destination Ahead of Asian Games

Palembang in South Sumatra increases tourism destination to make the best use of the 2018 Asian Games 18 momentum as it is expected to boost the growth of tourism sector. Palembang Tourism Agency head Isnaini Madani in Palembang on Sunday (10/9) mentioned several new tourism destinations including colorful raft houses on Musi Riverside, Sekanak Kerihin, Tugu Belido, and Sudirman Walk. Isnaini said that many destinations begin to emerge. However, Palembang still keeps on searching including village tourism such as Al Munawar and Kapitan villages. The existing tourism sites will also be maintained in the event of Asian Games. These sites include Siguntang Hill, Kuto Besak Fort, Al Munawar village, Kapitan village, Monpera Kreatif Corner, and Sky Park. He added that the agency has also requested to extend the operational hours of museums in Palembang until the evening. Palembang administration has boosted tourism sector this year by targeting 2.1 million domestic tourists and 12,000 international tourists. Such a target increases compared to the number of visits in 2016 with 1.9 million domestic tourists and around 9,000 international tourists. (tempo)


President Director Confirms Neutrality of RRI

In 72 years Radio Republik Indonesia RRI maintains its support to the state not certain parties. It was said by the President Director of RRI, Mohammad Rohanuddin on the sidelines of Costume Ethnic Fun Run held by RRI in Jakarta on Sunday, in commemoration of the 72nd Anniversary of RRI. Rohanuddin said the event was a symbol of the nation’s unity.

"RRI is the only broadcasting institution that is really on the side of the state. This is important. Not of the regime, but of the state, because this country has many elements. Therefore, we from Radio Republik Indonesia, we must give high dedication to the nation and State. We build a genuine neutrality, stand on all classes. That is Radio Republik Indonesia,” said Mohammad Rohanuddin.

Mohammad Rohanuddin said further that in 72 years, RRI is not only a national radio station but also an important instrument that has a major role in the history of Indonesia's development. The neutrality of RRI that is not distracted by certain interests was not found in other radio stations. According to him this should be maintained forever. (wima/alika/edit r)


OJK to finish revision of rules on municipal bonds this year

The Financial Services Authority (OJK) hopes to finish the revision of a regulation on municipal bonds by the end of the year to increase the attractiveness of debt papers issued by regional administrations. The bonds are expected to help finance infrastructure projects in the regions. Some regions, such as Jakarta, West Java and East Kalimantan, had expressed their interest in rolling out such bonds, said the OJK’s deputy director for services company assessment, Muhammad Maulana. Maulana said on Saturday that at present, the OJK is revising the regulation in coordination with the Finance Ministry and lengthy and complicated procedures had hampered efforts by local administrations to issue such bonds. One of the procedures is that the administrations must gain approval from the Finance Ministry, the Regional Legislative Council (DPRD) as well as the Home Ministry. Consequently, despite the benefits, none of them have launched such debt papers. In addition to the complex process, unlike with government bonds, the central government does not provide guarantees for municipal bonds in case of default. (JP)

Maritime Ministry Targets to Provide 155 Billion Fish Seeds

Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry’s (KKP) Directorate General of Cultivation targeted to provide 155 billion fish seeds including sea, brackish, and freshwater fish. The ministry’s Director General of Cultivation Slamet Soebjakto said in Sukabumi over the weekend that the seeds provided vary from consumption fish namely shrimp, catfish, gold fish, and tilapia, to pet fish that have economic values to the people. He explained that the majority of the seeds are for freshwater fish production since the production of sea and brackish fish is difficult to undertake. In 2018, the number of the seeds will be increased in order to meet demands from local regions. Nevertheless, there are problems in the distribution of the seeds since many regions still have insufficient seed production. In order to maintain balance, increase in seed production will be supported in such areas. The increase of seed production is in line with the growing demands for fish farming. This indicates increasing fish consumption even though it is still lower than other ASEAN countries. (tempo)

Lake Toba Charm Carnival 2017 features 2,227 performers

More than two thousand people reportedly took part in Lake Toba Charm Carnival 2017 on Sunday in Balige, Toba Samosir regency. These participants consist of community members, artists and representatives of eight regencies in Lake Toba. They were all dressed up in red, black and white traditional costumes with ulos and sortali headband. Toba Samosir Tourism and Culture Agency head, Ultri Sonlahir Simangunsong said that from Dairi, Karo, Simalungun and Samosir, to North Tapanuli, Humbang Hasundutan, Toba Samosir and Pakpak Bharat regencies, all took part in the carnival. There were 55 delegations who participate as well, each of them consists of at least 30 to 200 people. The carnival parades 41 decorated cars, 11 decorated rickshaws, 200 manghunti tandok (a woven sack filled with rice that is put on the top of a woman’s head) and trumpet players. There was a multiethnic parade from eight regencies around Lake Toba as well as from Nias, Javanese, Malay, Indian and Chinese ethnicities. The event also hosts Culinary Exhibitions held at Tugu DI Panjaitan and Sisingamaraja XII Balige. (Jakarta Post)


MATTA Fair in Malaysia inspires ministry to develop BBTF in Bali

The success of MATTA Fair that was held from September 8 to 10 at the Putra World Trade Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has motivated the Tourism Ministry to further develop Bali & Beyond Travel Fair (BBTF). The ministry's deputy minister for overseas promotion I Gde Pitana during the opening of MATTA Fair said that the Fair has motivated him to improve BBTF and he would like for BBTF to rival MATTA Fair in the future. Pitana added that if Indonesia brings their success to BBTF and modify it with Balinese culture, it will be a huge market place and more foreign sellers and buyers who will do transactions in Indonesia. According to Tourism Minister Arief Yahya, in order to be as successful as MATTA Fair, they need to do benchmarking. The minister said that the things that MATTA Fair have done; analyze it and modify it to fit Indonesian characteristic. He also advised to not be afraid of outside competitors. This year’s Bali & Beyond Travel Fair was attended by 174 sellers from 19 provinces and 198 local and foreign buyers. (Jakarta Post)

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