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Gov. confident to meet 2018`s 5.4% growth target

VOI NEWS 10.00 LOCAL TIME, GMT+7, 12.09.2017

Indonesian government is still confident that the economic growth target of 5.4 percent as set in the 2018 state budget draft can be achieved. This confidence stems amid various global and domestic economic challenges to be faced next year. This was affirmed by Indonesian Finance Minister, Sri Mulyani when discussing the state budget draft with the House of the Representatives -DPR's Commission XI in Jakarta on Monday, where some House members questioned the government's ability to achieve its 2018 economic growth target. She said on Monday that the government still thinks that 5.4 percent is achievable; although the work will be extra hard. Minister Sri Mulyani also said that to meet the target, consumption must grow above 5 percent. In 2018, consumption is targeted to grow 5.1 percent. She views that the biggest challenge in 2018 is bank credit growth. Banking credit has to be strong enough to sustain domestic economic growth. (Tempo)


2017 International Gamelan Festival reintroduces Gamelan in UK

The 2017 International Gamelan Festival -IGF held recently at Cadogan Hall, London, featured the first black and white movie dubbed “Setan Jawa” (The Javanese Devil) by award-winning Indonesian director and producer, Garin Nugroho. The IGF, according to Education and Culture Ministry official Ahmad Mahendra, is meant to globally exhibit the existence of Indonesian traditional instrumental ensemble Gamelan, which is a part of Indonesia’s cultural diplomacy strategy. The main events that were held at the 2017 IGF included workshops featuring Indonesian traditional musical instruments such as bonang, rebab, gender, and suling (flute). The event also featured Gamelan experts Prof. Rahayu Supanggih and Prof. Sumarsum at SOAS University of London. England’s Gamelan players such as “Siswa Sukra” led by Peter Smith and “South Bank” led by John Pawson also participated in the event. Ahmad Mahendra explained that Gamelan was documented by Stamford Raffles (1781-1826) who gave the earliest initial description of gamelan in The History of Java released in 1817. Raffles was the first Englishman who introduced gamelan to the British audience. (Tempo)

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