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Indonesia Has Important Role For Agricultural Sector in Fiji

VOI NEWS SUNDAY 08.10.2017, 14.00 LOCAL TIME, GMT+7

Indonesia has a very important role for agricultural sector in Fiji. Indonesia is an active country which has provided capacity building assistance and technology transfer for the development of the agricultural sector in Fiji. In addition, Indonesia has also actively facilitated farmers in Fiji to continue to increase their productivity by providing agricultural equipment. This was conveyed by Fiji's Chargé d'Affairs to Indonesia, Mrs. Mereseini Waibuta in a special interview with Voice of Indonesia in Jakarta on Friday, October 6, 2017.

"There is a lot of training, there is a lot of capacity building opportunities that Indonesia has facilitated and assisted Fiji with. And we see that is a positive impact that comes out of the cooperation, technology, transfer of technology. We’ve had agricultural handheld tractor had been given to our Ministry of Agriculture that is really to assist our farmers with their workers," she said.

Mereseini Waibuta added another positive thing that can be obtained from Indonesia is the experience of Indonesia in developing its agricultural sector. Indonesia doesn’t hesitate to share its experience in developing various sectors to Fiji, including the agricultural sector./// (Rezha/edt ahm)


Indonesia is a Good Friend For Fiji

Indonesia is a country that has an important role for Fiji. Besides being a friend who is ready to provide assistance in various conditions, Indonesia is Fiji's partner in various sectors which will be developed continuously in the future. This was conveyed by Fiji's Chargé d'Affaires for Indonesia, Mereseini Waibuta in a special interview with Voice of Indonesia in Jakarta on Friday, October 6, 2017.

"We see Indonesia as a true friend of Fiji. In the terms of trouble, good and bad times, Indonesia, the Republic of Indonesia is always there, ready to help, ready to assist us. So, for Fiji we see this bilateral cooperation as a stepping stone. It is enhancing our bilateral relations and also it becomes more focused in the various sectors that we go," she said.

Waibuta added that cooperation between Fiji and Indonesia will continue to be developed in various sectors. Those cooperations are marked by various signing agreement in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Indonesia and Fiji// (Trs.Rezha)


Government to Allocate US$1 Billion to Reduce Waste at Seas

The Indonesian government plans to allocate a budget of USD$1 billion to reduce waste at sea, shores, and rivers. For such a cause, the government has issued Sea Waste Solution National Campaign in mid 2017. The Official of Indonesian Coordinating Maritime Affairs Minister's assistant for maritime sovereignty Arif Havas Oegroseno said while attending Our Ocean conference in Malta on Sunday, October 8th that the government is fully aware that such an effort will not be significant without the contribution from private sectors and the society. This effort serves as a pillar to prevent greater ecological and economic loss due to the damage of biodiversity and ocean resources caused by waste. Havas stated that the government is aimed to cut plastic waste up to 70 percent by 2025. Indonesia, he continued, has launched several programs to cut plastic waste including using it as asphalt mix for national road project, recycling waste for energy, strengthening the initiative of waste bank, and society and youth empowerment. In the conference, Havas met a number of potential investors to deal with plastic waste by increasing recycle capacity. He also delivered information on Indonesia maritime diplomacy, law enforcement for IUUF (Illegal, Unreported, Unregulated Fishing), maritime infrastructure development, and measures taken to deal with the impact of climate change.///// Tempo 08.10.2017 Rezha


Transport Minister: Progress of Airport Train Reaches 90 Percent

Indonesian Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi said that the progress of Soekarno-Hatta Airport train has reached 90 percent. He is also optimistic that the project of state-owned airport operator company Angkasa Pura II and commuter line operator PT KAI will meet the target to finish on November 25th. Budi said while supervising the site in Batu Ceper, Tangerang, Banten on Saturday, October 7ththat the ministry is optimistic that this project will meet the target because it will begin to operate on November 25. He also said that what needs to be done are rail installment and electrification from Batu Ceper Station in Tangerang to Soekarno Hatta Airport. Budi is not willing to share information on charges imposed to the passengers. He added that Transportation Ministry will discuss with stakeholders regarding charges. Despite the case, Budi said that the ticket of the airport train reaches Rp 75 thousand to Rp 100 thousand.//// Tempo 08.10.2017 Rezha



During Emergency Status, Students in Cairo Urged to Carry Passports When Traveling

Egypt is in the status of "Emergency". The condition affects the intensification of investigation towards immigrants including Indonesian citizens and Indonesian students in Egypt. The "Emergency" status was set by the Egyptian government after a series of incidents occurred and caused casualties in some areas by 2017. For the sake of security, Chairman of the Indonesian Students Association of Egypt, Pangeran Arsyad, urged Indonesian students to bring documents, especially passports in doing their outdoors activities. Pangeran Arsyad also said, patrols conducted by the Egyptian security authorities towards foreign nationals since the last few months are intended to prevent the occurrence of crime and those who are considered potential to be part of radical groups or terrorists.

"Police officers work under the Home Affairs Minister command, they are asked to better maintain national stability. So, those who are considered dangerous or potentially endanger, will immediately be arrested. They are also doing the raid for those who do not have residence permits. So far, Indonesian students are not involved in the movement of terrorism and so forth," he said.

Moreover Pangeran Arsyad said unfortunately Indonesian students, especially those who attend "Specific language" classes, are only given staying permit for 30 days. Pangeran added that the extension of staying permit by the Egyptian authorities for up to 2 months has also become a matter of concern for the new students. The issue has been submitted to the Director of the Language Center and Education Attaché, Indonesian Embassy in Cairo, to jointly find a solution// (Retno.trs.Rezha)


Nine Countries Join Indonesian Student Graduation Ceremony in Cairo

A total of 260 students from 10 countries who have completed their studies at Al-Azhar University are graduated on Sunday, October 8, at Azhar Convention Center. The graduation ceremony was specifically organized by the Indonesian Student Association of Egypt. To RRI, President of the Indonesian Students Association in Egypt, Pangeran Arsyad, said 112 of the 260 graduated students come from nine other countries. He explained that the graduation ceremony which is the annual agenda of the Indonesian Student Association of Egypt also provides opportunities for other foreign students to participate. Meanwhile, Al-Azhar University does not organize graduation activities for its graduates.

"There are students from Bangladesh, India, Khirgizistan, Philippines, Malaysia, Chad -Africa. Because, they also make similar programs, but specifically organized for students from their own countries. We hold graduation day, but we are always open for all countries who want to join. Khirgizistan for example, there are not more than 300 students, they also want to have it, but no one facilitates it. Finally, we are open for them," he said.

Pangeran Arsyad added that this year's graduation ceremony, in particular has a big theme that is, to give understanding for Al Azhar students to moderate Islam. The graduates are also expected to contribute to the development of the country in all sectors upon returning to Indonesia. The graduation ceremony organized by the Indonesian Student Association in Egypt also presents Indonesian arts and cultural performances. ///RETNO/EGYPT/AHM

























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