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Al-Azhar University Graduates Called to Spread Moderate Islam

VOI NEWS 10.00 LOCAL TIME, GMT+7, 09-10-2017

260 Al-Azhar University students from 10 countries including 148 Indonesian students were graduated at Azhar Convention Center (ACC), Cairo on Sunday (8/10). They consisted of graduates and post graduates. After attending the graduation ceremony of Al-Azhar University, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Cairo, Helmy Fauzy, expressed hope that the Indonesian graduates on their return to Indonesia could develop Al-Azhar's concept to develop Islam as a moderate religion that upholds values of compassion and peace. Helmy Fauzy also expects, with the knowledge of religion the graduates of Al-Azhar university could contribute to development in Indonesia. Meanwhile, 2 of the 6 recipients of cum laude predicate at the graduation class of 2017 are undergraduate and post graduate students from Indonesia.

“The graduates are expected to develop the Al Azhar concept after. The concept is Islam as religion that upholds values of compassion, peace, and respect for humanity. We hope that they could also spread the moderate Islam that is taught in Al Azhar,” said Helmy Fauzy.

Representing the rector of Al-Azhar University, Muhammad Mahmud Abu Hashim on the occasion said the Indonesian graduates are not only expected to contribute to the spread of moderate Islam in their country. They are also expected to do the same to the neighboring countries. According to him, the graduates of Al-Azhar should be able to show the world that Islam is a religion of peace and compassion. (retno/trans r)


Women Must Serve as Agent of Peace, Social Minister Says

Indonesian Social Affairs Minister Khofifah Indar Parawansa during her working visit in Sumenep, East Java stated that women must serve as an agent of peace in society. Khofifah said in Sumenep on Sunday (8/10) in the context of roles men and women are equal. Women have played a role in all fields of life including program planning and supervision. She emphasizes that women today have to keep on leveraging skills and roles in the society. Khofifah also said that women have the same ability as men. Improvement of skills and capacity must be done continuously so that women can be further empowered and can thrive in competition. She added that education in Islamic schools also promotes equality of rights between men and women. (Antara)


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